Calling All the Fashionistas

It’s time to tap into your inner Rachel Zoe!
New York Fashion Week is just a couple of weeks away…and Bergdorf Goodman and Polyvore have teamed up with an amazing opportunity…for someone to style Linda Fargo.
Not only will Linda wear an ensemble inspired by the winning entry to one of the shows, but the winner will get to accompany Linda to that show. Of course you couldn’t wear any old thing…so the kind folks at BG are giving you a $2500 shopping spree so you will look Fashion Week chic. They’ll also gussie you up with hair and makeup, courtesy of the John Barrett Salon and Trish McEvoy.
Contest ends Monday, January 31st, so you’d better hop to it!
In case you’re the lucky winner, here’s a peek into Linda’s survival bag for Fashion Week, so you’ll know what to bring with you. 
What’s inside? Click here to find out.
Like many little girls who liked to play dress up, attending Fashion Week last year (Tory Burch and Michael Kors shows), was definitely a dream come true for me. 
Have you been to Fashion Week before? Would you go if you could?


  1. how fun would it be to go to fashion week? i think i would need a copy of derek blasberg's "classy" on hand as a reminder of what to NOT do. :)

  2. I feel sort of like Dr. Seuss…would if I could…and if all this snow were to go…but I would need to eat green eggs and ham before I go to fashionista land and dress up to the press.

  3. Ok…so things have changed around here:) I LOVE IT!!!!So what I would imagine your world to be like. Oh,and I would love to go to fashion week some day!

  4. You changed your header…looks so nice and put together!! I have loved all of your blog designs! Anyway, this contest sounds great and I think I may enter…a trip to NYC (and going to a show) would be so lovely!! Take care, Caroline

  5. Yes, however, first I would want to hire Stacey London and Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear" to make sure I was "in the know"

    What fun!!

  6. Have not been, would LOVE to go, I love to play dress up, and I love a great show!!! I love to hear about dreams coming true for people who deserve it too :) XOXO, Kel

  7. I love the new look– still pretty, more punchy!

  8. Elizabeth,
    What a minute…when did this new design happen? It is fabulous and definitely you! Now onto going to fashion week…haven't been and I definitely would turn my schedule upside down to attend! Need a guest?

  9. How fun would it be to go on a spree with YOU to Bergdorf's, then go for dinner and drinks?! We'd do our own runway…on the streets!

    E + J

  10. Yes we would go. We always love to walk by the tents in hopes of seeing something fun and fabulous.

  11. LOL, LOVE Eddie's idea, can I crash that party? Have never been to Fashion Week, would be a dream come true bucket list type thing for me. Would never attempt to even style Ms. Fargo, she is flawless imo. Plus, I am helpless at things like Polyvore. And finally, WOW! Blog looks amaze-zing! LOVE IT!

  12. I'll join you and Eddie if I can't get into a show this year… I live vicariously through RZ but actually attending a show would be BA-NA-NAS!

  13. P.S. Love your new look!

  14. Wow and wow — love your new look here E!! And I hope you win this so I can live vicariously through your pictures of fashion week. But, if you and Eddie and Jaithan and Zhush have that show — I'm booking a flight now!
    xo Cathy

  15. Eddie & Jaithan,
    We might just have to do that! Everyone is welcome to join us if we pull it off!!

    xo Elizabeth

  16. Elizabeth – LOVE LOVE and I think a 3rd LOVE is in order for the new look! So totally you!!! Elegant, stylish fun and PINK! I would be way too intimidated to style the already oh so perfect Miss Fargo. But what a fantastic opportunity. I will out myself here and tell you that not only do I own that bag (best bag I've EVER had) but I keep several of the same items therein. I'll be attending many of the shows and will hopefully be reporting back – if I get a glimpse of Linda I'll include that as well!!

  17. quintessence – I love that have that bag….doesn't Nancy Gonzalez do them right?! And how fun that you will be at the shows. I won't be attending this year, unless something amazing drops in my lap, so I look forward to your review of what we'll be wearing in the Fall!

    xo, elizabeth

  18. Love, love, love the new look! So fresh…beautiful.

  19. Love your blog's new look–loaded w/ panache just like you.

    I would be hopeless at attempting to style Ms. Fargo, but it would be fun to attend Fashion Week.

  20. Yes, that would be so fun. And, now lets talk about your stylish blog? It's fantastic so pink & perfect!!!Shari is busy working on mine too!

  21. Are you kidding? I would die to go, but honestly I'm sure I would have more fun with you and Eddie and Jaithan. I wouldn't be near as nervous about what I needed to wear! Love, love your new look. So fun!!!

  22. WOW! You're looking FABULOUS! Adore the new look of the blog! I've never been to fashion week, but would so love to!I still haven't quite gotten the hang of Polyvore:-)

  23. I can't style anyone
    but myself, but oh,
    how I would LOVE to
    go to Fashion Week!!
    I did a little local
    modeling in my younger
    years and was always
    really interested in
    that world. Lucky you ~
    you've been!
    xx Suzanne

  24. I have never been but would love to go! I love the new blog header! TGIF! xx