Kerri Rosenthal Art

You know that feeling you get when you discover something really fresh and exciting? Well, that’s the feeling I got when I saw Kerri Rosenthal’s art.
It moved me. It made me smile. I wanted to see more. Had to know more.
Kerri in front of “Flights of Fancy” at Dovecote
So, I tracked Kerri down, learned she doesn’t live very far from me…and that her work is displayed in some of my favorite local home decor boutiques, including Dovecote in Westport, CT. Kerri credits owner, Sarah Kaplan (former buyer for Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York), for supporting her art and encouraging her to do some edgier pieces.
With a background in fashion, Kerri spent the bulk of her professional career with Oilily, a Dutch company based in Amsterdam…so frequent trips to the Netherlands and Northern Europe influenced her eye.  The quote below influenced her creative journey.
Taking a career break after the birth of her 2nd child, Kerri was out to dinner one night when she saw a painting and just knew she could recreate it. So, she went home and began to paint. Just like that.
Following her heart and her intuition, she began to create more  paintings and her friends, recognizing her talent, encouraged her to keep going. That was 4 years ago.
 Kerri at work in her studio
One of Kerri’s color/mood boards
2 years ago, Kerri had her first art show. She rented out a Waterworks space in Westport, CT and invited anyone she thought might be interested. That was another step on her journey.
Kerri is all about color, saying that to her “color is a sense, like touch”. Can’t you just feel her energy in these paintings?
Yes, a pretty pink tulip!

Today, Kerri is the “in house” artist for a number of interior designers, her art is being carried in some amazing stores and it is being gobbled up by serious collectors. I just know I love it. And, I can’t wait to have an ART KR painting for my home.

I  have found Kerri an inspiration, not only artistically, but creatively…forging a new path one brush stroke at a time. If you want to see more of Kerri’s art or learn more about her, check out her website!

Each of us has a creative gift. How are you expressing yours?



  1. I love stories like these – we all have a creative nature deep down inside and while some of us may not know how to paint, we learn to do other things – give creatively, cook creatively, decorate creatively, even blog creatively! Thanks for introducing us to Kerri!

  2. Yes, she is very much a creative inspiration! Adore her work…and her story!

  3. I love to see artists at work in their studios – it's always very inspiring.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  4. Love how she uses color and is following her creative spirit! Hope you have that tulip canvas at your home now!
    xo Cathy

  5. such an inspiring post; thanks for sharing her beautiful work and story!

  6. Love her story and her art! I'm sure I've seen it at Dovecote as I've often admired the art there.

  7. Beautiful… I too love her use of color! I think you may need the pretty pink tulip painting! xo

  8. awesome abstract pieces. I checked out her site – I do like her things…


  9. WOW!!! I love her work! Thanks for the great introduction!!

  10. Happy work….love all the color and she looks so happy too. I cannot wait for my new studio to paint larger works and have fun twirling…there will be room for twirling and teaching too. thanks for sharing….

  11. Love the creative inspiration!

  12. Elizabeth,
    I love how generous you are to help another artist! Keri's work is as cheerful as the flowers she paints. They would definitely brighten any room. Thanks for the post.

  13. That is a great story Elizabeth and Kerri is a great find!!
    I love it when someone lives their passion, it's so inspirational.
    Do what you love and you'll never work another day :)

  14. I love her abstracts and her modern horizon paintings. Thanks for sharing! She has an amazing sense of color!!

  15. Very talented artist indeed.

  16. Such an inspiration and i love her use of colour! I'd love to own at least one piece:-) Great intro and post! XX

  17. How gorgeous and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

  18. I can see what you mean! Her work is beautiful, but the colors really do seem to be speaking to me. Thanks for sharing her work & such an inspiring journey.

  19. Love, love, did I say love! Just what I needed to read tonight, her story is great and her artwork is AMAZING!!!! Did I say love:)

  20. Please tell me you're getting THE TULIP!!!! That's awesome and I think made just for you :) Love this colorful story XOXO,


  21. What a great story…love the gorgeous artwork!!

  22. Oh wow, love so much of this and am off to check out her site! Thanks for the introduction!

  23. Elizabeth,
    LOVE your latest posts! Especially this one. you always have the best variance of neat things.
    Are you coming my way Spring break? I had coffee with Susan I. Would love to meet up if you can! maybe all three of us can grab a bite.

  24. Gorgeous art!!!! Absolutely love it!!

  25. Wonderful artist! Her work is soft and strong all at the same time. Will bookmark this.

    xx Charlotta