Puppy Love

It’s A Girl!!!!
Over the weekend, we adopted our dream pet…..a King Charles Cavalier named Molly (her given name is Truluv Miss Molly). And she is indeed our true love!
Docile, gentle yet fun loving. 
I know I have a lot to learn, as I haven’t had a dog in my life in a very, very long time. But, I’m thinking she was worth the wait!
Are you a animal lover? If so, what’s their name? 


  1. Molly is just too cute….soooo sweet looking, that little face just says shes happy to "be home". Congrats on your new addition! Your adorable son looks so happy! (as do you) Its so much fun welcoming a new puppy into the family (yes work, too but in the end so much a labor of love for all they give back)

  2. So so cute!!! Yes- we have a Westie named Tuffy (Sir Tuffington McDuff)…love Molly's name! Have fun! Caroline

  3. Oh, she is so adorable! Such a great addition to your beautiful family! XX

  4. Way, way too cute!!! You are going to have such fun with this pretty little girl! What a sweetie! (This makes me want to get a puppy!!)

  5. Good golly Ms.Molly, you are a cutie-pie! Our dog is the love of our family and each time I come home the welcome is warm. Even if it is just to take out the trash….and return. Bentley or "Budha" is what we call him.
    He is all white, part beagle and part poodle ~

  6. You finally have a girl and she won't talk back to you when she's a teen! I have two four legged girls and they are the most wonderfully sweet pups. Welcome Miss Molly!

  7. I was hoping and had a feeling today would be pictures of your newly adopted daughter!! She is a natural beauty for sure :) The boys and I watched Beverly Hills Chiuahua this weekend and I am wondering if a Harry Winston collar is in store for this princess?? Ha :) Love her! Kelly

  8. I love Cavaliers! Adorable! They make me think of Charlotte from Sex and the City and her KCC – Elizabeth Taylor. Enjoy! xx

  9. Molly is beyond adorable!! I love Cavaliers as well. Having a dog is a wonderful experience for both parents and kids!!

  10. aaah!!! Dying over the cuteness of Miss Molly Truluv! DY.ING!!!

  11. Welcome Molly! Want to reach into the pictures and pet her. So cute!
    xo Cathy

  12. I'm sure I've never met an ugly puppy… aren't they wonderful? We have a white fluff ball named Tucker. He sometimes barks and pretends he is really tough and mean.. ridiculous. He's a cuddle monster!

  13. Oh, my heart just melted. What a sweetheart. Congratulations. Have so much fun with this new member of your family, Elizabeth.

    BTW, such a small world. I was chatting with my neighbor Valerie on Saturday when your name came up–she is with Glassybaby and said that you put her in touch with Katie at Matchbook and started the ball rolling on the Glassybaby article/event. Such a great connection!

    Hope you have a lovely week! Jeanne

  14. Welcome Molly. Almost mistook her for my sister's Yoshi. Check him out here;


    I'm sure Molly will bring you much fun and happiness.

  15. What a cutie! Love the name Molly!

  16. Aww, love! If I ever get a dog this is the kind I want. So cute!!!

  17. My parents have a Cavalier King Charles named Queenie. She is the best little lovie. I cannot wait to get one of my own one day– but probably not while we're in NYC! So jealous of Molly!

  18. Congrats to you and your beautiful family! Love it…so cute! We have an old beagle named "General." The mascot from my college!

  19. Aww! Molly makes my heart melt! She's a beauty. I have a Ragdoll cat named Maxwell St. James (Max). I'll need therapy if something ever happened to him. Love of my life!

  20. This is the BEST adoption, she looks so so adorable. We're thinking about taking a puppy in the nearby future, I've been reading a lot about it, I really can't wait to have my own dog. Enjoy this precious time with your Molly.

  21. How sweet! I have an adorable yorki-poo named buddy that go's everywhere with me! :)
    Love your blog!

  22. stephanie says:

    I had to break my rule of not going on blogs while on family vacation….BUT OHHH was it worth it!!! She is a beauty, with the perfect nose!! I cant wait to meet Miss. Molly!!!

  23. I can't believe I am the second commenter to have a Westie named McDuff (I guess so many of us named our pets after the popular children's books…..). We also have a black pug named Phoebe and they are hilarious together. Never a dull moment and my two boys love them. I am sure Molly will bring your whole family much happiness – she is a picture of contentment and joy. Big congrats !

  24. Love Love Molly!! She's a doll!
    We have a mini Daschund named Frank, as in frankfurter, and a Brittany named Rita, as in margarita. They bring lots of smiles to our family. Hope Molly will too.

  25. Awh I just melted! She is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations sweetie. She'll bring so much love & joy to your life.

  26. She is beautiful…. I love the breed. I am a huge dog lover… we have a dachshund (13) named Buddy, and Cooper (2)… his papers state he's a long haired Chihuahua but he looks like a Papillion… suspicious… I am crazy about the little guy though. xo

  27. Oh, she is gorgeous! I love her.

    Amy R.

  28. Molly is beautiful! What a gorgeous dog!

    We have three dogs – Remington, Lilah and Kinley

    My fiance and I met at the dog park :)

  29. i am watching this love story unfold and of course thought it's a girl (pink blankets) as i reached your announcement at the end………lucky pooch, lucky you elizabeth!

    my boy was named mini cooper (runt of litter) by the breeder, we call him cooper

  30. Love Miss Molly!!
    She is beautiful and
    sure to bring you years
    of love. Don't worry,
    like a baby, it will all
    come back to you….
    xx Suzanne

  31. Thank you for your sweet comment Elizabeth! I'm glad Julie led you to me because it led me to your fabulous blog! I'm already a new follower and can't wait to read over here often! XO


  32. Oh my gosh…she's precious, and I love her name. What a perfect addition to your household of boys!!

  33. She is so cute….love her little eyes!

  34. I am positively shaking she is so cute! I just want to eat her up! What an absolute doll with the most beautiful markings. Lucky girls you both are! xosk

  35. ADORABLE!! What a sweet little creature. Our house if filled to the brim with furry friends!!

  36. Oh she is BEAUTIFUL! what a sweet darling face!! Our little love is Miss Sugar Magnolia. Here is the link if you want to take a look.


  37. i could just eat her with a spoon!! i HIGHLY recommend picking up the dogs for dummies book. it was SUCH a big help to me when i got my puppy a few years ago…and still is!

  38. Hope you are enjoying Miss Molly
    Special xxxxoooo from Molly's Truluv Family

  39. Molly is too precious! What a sweet addition. No pets right now, but wouldn't you know, a KCC has been #1 on my short list like forever!

  40. Molly just made my heart skip a beat. Your cute son resembles you!

  41. soooo adorable. i can't wait to meet (and maybe photograph?) her! one of my favorite breeds as well.

  42. Oh my gosh! I love puppies! And puppy breath! She's sooooo cute

  43. We have a Cavapoo :, king Charles ,toy poodle mix. Her name is Finley and she doesn't shed:)

  44. She is adorable. I have a chocolate lab named Munster and he is the best. He was named after my favorite cheese (silly I know, but I love cheese).

  45. She is adorable. We have a Cavie that is almost 2. She looks like she could be Molly's sister. Her name is Sophie.

  46. Precious angel. I have CKS named Chester!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Your King Charles Cavalier is just a little doll. I'm looking for one on the http://www.CavalierRescueUSA.org site. For 16yrs. I had a Springer Spaniel by the name of Freckles who was my best friend & bodyguard. I miss him everyday so I hope I can find another Spaniel who will take me into my senior years. Karen in Michigan

  48. Reading some of your older posts. She is beautiful. Oh golly, aren't CKCs just the best?!?! Jennings has one, so you'll have to stop by the blog when you have a minute and see Winston. I'm going to send this link to Jennings.

  49. Molly is the spitting image of our Rosie! Cavaliers are the best!

  50. Anonymous says:

    We miss our dear Finley. Cavaliers are just the dearest! Enjoy!

  51. Carol Sue says:

    She is so beautiful. The wonderful things about animals is the unconditional love they give us. Iam very happy for you. Carol Sue

  52. Anonymous says:

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