Cool Cow Hides

Cowhides are showing up in all types of design…contemporary, traditional…they just add a certain texture and pizazz to a room, don’t they?
Yet, nothing I have seen compares to the electric colors and original designs by Texan, Kyle Bunting. These are the rock stars of cowhides. Bright. Bold. Patterned.
Kyle is literally redefining how hides are used in design.
I first saw Kyle’s work in Jan Shower’s book Glamorous Rooms. Then, a friend bought one of Kyle’s rugs for her entryway. SO COOL.
I know cowhides in any design may not be every one’s cup of tea, but if they are….these are definitely worth perusing.
Move ’em on, head ’em up, head’ em up, move ’em on…..Rawhide! Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. wow great finds girl :) those pics are stunning! love your blog by the way! happy friday! xo

  2. Kyle certainly added a cool factor to cowhide!
    Those are great and I bet they feel great on one's hooves.

  3. These are so pretty! Very intersting and so luxurious looking, love the softer colored ones, and the geometric shaped ones I find particularly interesting. Thanks for the intro, stay cool Elizabeth!
    PS Funny what you said about being separated at birth….I got the same feeling:)

  4. Gives a new definition to home on the range!
    xo Cathy

  5. I love cowhides, and these are indeed unique and beautiful! Most appropriate that he is a Texan, yes?! My husbands laughs as when we are out driving and I spot a group of cows I will tell him that "that one would make a lovely rug" :)


  6. Eh. I prefer the hide ON the cow IMHO!

  7. They aren't something I would normally pick, but these are fabulous. That last one would look AMAZING in my living room!

  8. Now that's what we call thinking outside of the box. How talented! The bright colors are fun…but the last rug is more our style. We adore the muted colors and the pattern. Going to check out more of his work. Hope you have a great weekend! Angela and Renee

  9. Yee Haw! No surprise a Texas gal (or a gal from anywhere they are fabulous) would love them:)
    Have a great weekend,

  10. Very cool and they look soft! Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth. xo

  11. I'll take the "silver" shaded rug! It just seems lime a lot of work, when silk or wool could also be used. But then think of the poor silk worm!…

  12. These look so neat! I love the pink one!


  13. I love them!! And I have a patchwork cowhide rug just waiting to spread in my new Montauk bedroom. ( right now the door to the balcony leaks like a seive, so we are waiting for that to be solved! ) aah construction!
    Happy weekend!

  14. So cool, loving the herringbone ones!

  15. Oooh, I love the second one!

  16. Wow! Love the nontraditional application for the hides. They look sooooo soft. You can literally feel the rug under your feet just from the image. thanks for sharing. Mona

  17. Great find!! Fun and chic!! And love your Rawhide shout out!!

  18. Oh wow they really all colorful! I agree great find!!

  19. I'm officially obsessed!! The first one is so fun. Hope you had a great weekend ~

  20. Drooling:-) :-) :-) love all of them especially the stripe.