The Charming Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor…what an icon! From National Velvet to Cleopatra, collecting jewelry and husbands and raising awareness of HIV/Aids. She was an extraordinary woman, charming us all along the way.
Above are just a few of the dazzling beauties that will be on display in New York City at Christie’s until December 12th, followed by an auction of her clothing, accessories, jewelry and art. 
Honey, if you’re still looking for my Christmas gift…the last bracelet already has my name on it!
What would YOU want of Ms. Taylor’s collection?


  1. Darling, I love them all!

  2. You mean I can only pick one item? I have the auction catalog and have been drolling over it but unfortunately most of the items I want are out of my reach.


  3. Are you trying to subtly ask which one I want but still trying to surprise me? OK I will take #3. LOVE love love all of these, I would be happy with ONE of these, but to have all of them and THEN all of those other AMAZING OVER THE TOP pieces she had is just too much to wrap my brain around this early in the morning!!!!
    One thing I am really glad about, she really truly enjoyed them, wore them and truly enjoyed them for all the world to see:)

  4. These are beyond gorgeous and I would love any one of them… Forwarding this post to the hubby as a hint!

  5. I so so so wish I could make it to Manhattan to see her extraordinary collection. xx

  6. I would be happy with just one charm. But would also love to sport them all…at once! Would that be too much? They are so beautiful. What a charming collection! XO

  7. hopflower says:


  8. I simply can't get your photos to load today, and darn 'cause I really wanted to see the one you chose.
    My own charm bracelet is my favorite piece of jewelry. I had no idea Liz was into them.

    So sorry to miss you at Jingle Tweet.

  9. Any of them would be a pleasant surprise under the tree! I should go dig out my own charm braclet once again!
    xo Cathy

  10. She was just incredible! And how fabulous are all of these. Hope hubby is listening and you get your wish. I'm sure you've been very good this year and deserve it! :)

    Oh and thanks so much for all of the fabulous holiday entertaining suggestions! I'm planning away :) xoxo

  11. Wow! These are fantastic! I love them all and I've never been particularly crazy about charm bracelets! Thanks for sharing as I won't be making it to see them in person!

  12. I'm obsessed with these–they are estimated for 25000 a little out of my league this year but sooo beautiful!

  13. Love charm bracelets! and these are gorgeous. Great collection.

    pls take a look at my blog

  14. I wonder if there's still time to get tickets – I debated it and then of course forgot. A friend just saw it and said it was just INCREDIBLE!!!

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