Renovation Diary: Almost Done

There are more Blogfest photos to share, but I thought it was about time I gave you an update on the renovation. We are living in and loving the new space…just fine tuning things. I’ll share some interior shots next week, but thought I’d leave you this weekend with some outdoor photos, in hopes that all of us will enjoy the great outdoors!

The front shutters were finally hung this week. And, the rain is keeping things looking lush.

 The completed side entry, which is keeping us and our deliveries dry.

The shot above would be much prettier without the basketball goal….but it’s too heavy for me to move and….showing it as it is…. is just “keeping things real”!!

For any of you who have experienced a renovation, you know that euphoric feeling when you realize…we’re basically done!

Wishing you and your families a fun-filled, sun-filled Memorial Day Weekend! I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!


  1. Elizabeth,
    I do think a new pve design work of art is a must to commemorate your lovely addition to your beautiful home.
    This weekend, we have plans to attend the Memorial Day Parade and honor those who are fought and are fighting hard battles.
    We have a lot of self kindness on the agenda – travelers are weary, the husband was on the west coast for a hop, skip and a jump. Happy he is home!
    Enjoy the start of Summer~

  2. totally loving all that you have done. can't wait for the interior shots and also I really do need to swing round for a "live" peak. Stunning work.

  3. Love what you have done with the house. Such a transformation,and I know that you are so happy that it is almost finished.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  4. I absolutely love it!! Happy weekend! XX

  5. Love it – stately and welcoming at the same time. Those curved garage doors are perfection!

  6. wow – this is STUNNING. you will definitely get your home published if they havent been knocking down your door already :)

  7. Euphoric is the right term! And so you should be – this is so well done.I'm in love with the side entrance, it is just the right amount of detail.
    I noticed a snip-it of your drive pave stones and see you have covered all the details that make the project complete.

  8. I am dying over your house Elizabeth!!!
    I love it to pieces!!!
    You did a fabulous job.
    You have my dream house.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor :)


  9. It looks amazing!!!! and I'm kinda dying over that milk bottle delivery box! Takes me back to my very young childhood…is that for REAL or a vintage touch? Everything looks perfect, right down to the BBhoop!xxx

  10. Elizabeth, The house looks fantastic. You must be THRILLED to have it over and to have such a gorgeous outcome! Yay!
    Glad you got to meet Valerie! Isn't it funny how small the world is? She lives just blocks from me and I regularly walk by her cute cottage. I'm definitely hoping I can make it to Blogfest one of these years.
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend! We have a lot of relaxing on our to do list, the sun is coming out and we're ready to hangout poolside! XO

  11. Elizabeth….this is the picture of white house perfection! LOVE the flowerboxes, the touches of black just "complete" the already gorgeous house including that wonderful black bench! You have done an outstanding job and I cannot wait to see the interior pics…well done!! Enjoy your holiday weekend:)

  12. Lookin' good E!
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!
    xo Cathy

  13. Magazine worthy!!!

    I hear from friends coming back from the blog hoopla in NY – that YOU are one of the nicest people in blog land, Ms Elizabeth.

    Of course, we/I already knew that!

    But it is nice to hear, isn't it!

    Happy Memorial weekend to you and your family.

    Hugs from Seattle,


  14. Lots of weeding and planting for me and maybe, just maybe, my yard and planters will be as pretty as yours! Have a wonderful one, Elizabeth!

    P.S. For one who hasn't started her renovation plans, you've made it look so easy!

  15. Loving the shutters! It is an instant transformation to a new level for the house front(: You gave me the idea to use shutters already last time you posted the begining of your renovations…our garage windows look so sad and lonely and looking at what you did, it is a great idea(: I will let you know when I take pics of it…(: XO Z

  16. Beautifully done. I am anxious to see the interior pictures. Have a great weekend.

  17. Laura Casey says:

    Beautiful!! Love it!! We keep it real too!

  18. A reno job so well done. Thanks for sharing with us. I had to giggle when I saw the photo of the basketball hoop right in front of your beautiful second story flower boxes… I hope your basketball players are very exacting with their shots… One miss will take a geranium.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.
    Marybeth from Dallas

  19. It looks amazing Elizabeth. Your yard is so lush,green and beautiful and of course, I love the window boxes!! I can hardly wait to see the inside.

  20. It is looking great!

  21. Beautiful Elizabeth! Love it all!!!

  22. It looks simply stunning – absolutely beautiful – the shutters are divine!
    Best wishes from England!
    Paula x

  23. Beautiful window boxes. They remind me of the ones I recently saw in the UK…lots of trailing ivy along with colorful flowers. Happy Weekend Jennifer

  24. So beautiful, Elizabeth. It looks amazing! Love your Moyer doormat!
    Hope you're having fun and relaxing this weekend.
    xo E + J

  25. Beautiful home, Elizabeth. In fact, I have an inspiration photo of the home we want to build (our dream home) and it looks very much like yours! The shutters are perfect. Lovely!

  26. Just gorgeous Elizabeth. Your planters and flower boxes are beautiful. I can't wait to see the inside too. You have done such a fabulous job with the outside. Happy Memorial Day. Mona

  27. Looking good!
    I love how the silhouette of the swag softens the shutters and perfectly shaped bushes.
    Can't wait to see the interior!

  28. Your house looks picture perfect! You must be feeling just so thrilled with the results – and that you're done!!

  29. The flower boxes are fantastic!

  30. Your house is looking so fabulous. I hope you do a giant tour of all the work when it's all done for those of us flaky readers who have been away from blogging!! :)

  31. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love every detail and your flowers and window boxes are a really wonderful touch. Hmmm…might have to put my window boxes back up :)

  32. STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING! That side porch is adorable, love the lantern too. And then there's the window boxes, landscaping … personalized floor mat! Can't wait to see more inside now!! Congratulations on a completed reno, E. xoxo

    Sandy M Illustration ~
    Ooh La Frou Frou

  33. I love shutters and yours look amazing especially with your lush window box!! Kathysue

  34. thanks for "keeping it real." The basketball goal just a sign of a fun family living in this beautiful house.

  35. Hi Elizabeth – recently found your blog via The Enchanted Home and have enjoyed reading the archives/stories of the renovation.

    Sent an email (apologies if it came across as short), but we need a fresh coat of paint and love your shades – do you mind sharing the colors you used for field, trim, accents?

    Much thanks,

  36. Wow, how beautiful. I love white bricks. Your additions are lovely.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can you please tell me the brand and style of windows you have – they are beautiful!

  38. Our windows are Marvin. The style….I'm note even sure! :) But, if you look through their website or catalog, you'll be able to find a match. Highly recommend them!!

    ~ Elizabeth

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Elizabeth. Your home is really, really lovely. Enjoy!