8 is GREAT!

Birthdays are always special, but there is truly something GREAT about turning EIGHT! 
Here’s a colorful glimpse at how we celebrated my son this past weekend. 

If you or someone you know would like to host a LEGO party, I definitely recommend the company, Play Well, as they provided all the LEGOs and a LEGO master who guided the boys through some amazing projects. 

The party continues, as today is my little guy’s actual birthday. And, for an 8 year old he got the best gift possible….a school holiday!

Wishing you a GREAT day!


  1. Happy Birthday Tyler! I know how much you love playing lego's and what could be better than a day off to celebrate and play all day. Enjoy, 8 is great!

  2. I wish Tyler a very Happy Birthday! Looks like Mom went all out and gave him a very special birthday. Mine was yesterday and I think 52 is pretty darn special too but I didn't get a lego birthday, would have been fun.


  3. The party looked like it was a huge success! Happy Birthday to Tyler – enjoy the sunny day off today!

  4. Elizabeth-
    You son is adorable, and his party was fabulous! I know that everyone had a wonderful time. You are a sweet mom!
    Happy Monday.

  5. Happy Birthday Ty! Elizabeth it all looks fabulous, you did a great job :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Tyler! Enjoy your school-free day. Elizabeth, the party looks so fun and colorful. I'm sure that everyone had a great time — those cupcakes are adorable! Hope you had as much fun pulling it together as the kids had with the legos. Fantastic job! XO

  7. I remember my 8th birthday party very well – we had a magician, and it was a very special party!

    I love how you make so many events in your family's life special.

    Question about the set up – did you rent the chairs – I like them!

    Also, what is your thought on tablecloths for party tables. I like the white you used, and I noticed that you only have a bit of a drop on the cloth – not all the way to the floor.

    A few things I am pondering as I plan a party that will take place at my house in 2 weeks! I am hoping for good weather so we can be outside. I own 4 60" round tables, need to get consistent linens for them (usually just grab what I can find). Debating whether to get green or white. Also debating whether do do full drop to floor, or something less.

    Hope your day is going well!


  8. Wonderful!! Love the lego treats!! And yes, what a perfect present – no school!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Tyler. EB – his birthday party looked fabulous!!! Hope he has a great day today. Nat

  10. WOW! You will be hearing from me about this in May…Aaron would LOVE this!:) HB2Ty!

  11. such an engaging theme!!!

    smiles to you and hope you'll visit soon.


  12. Very cool, Elizabeth! I would like a Lego party myself. Very fun, and love the Lego cupcakes and cookies. And the personalized water bottles :) A Happy Birthday to Tyler!!

  13. Looks like a wonderful time – you do get the Mom of the Year award!
    C + C

  14. What an adorable party – love the cookies and cupcakes!!

  15. What a fun bday!! Glad yall had fun!


  16. How fun is this?! Everything is perfect and I just love the theme. Eight is such a fun age :) .. he is just darling. Thanks for sharing the photos Elizabeth!

  17. So fun! Love the details and I am certain with a four year old son that Legos will be in my future birthday party lineup! Did you know that there is a huge Legos store opening this coming spring at Ridge Hill?

  18. Love the cupcakes and cookies – the whole party looks like an 8 year old boy's dream! How fun.

  19. Whoa — Tyler is a handsome guy getting taller every day! Looks like a birthday party blast!
    xo Cathy

  20. I love those lego cookies. You did a great job with this theme! Happy Birthday Tyler!

  21. 8 is truly a great age. Happy birthday Tyler. Wouldn't he just love a career as a lego master! Who knew.

  22. It looks like a great party! Happy Birthday to Tyler!