Almost Easter

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up? Over easy? Scrambled? I’m having a current love affair with soft boiled…in the little egg cups. But, anyhooooo….I’m actually thinking more about Easter eggs.

If the idea of painting some little beauties is your speed, check out the tutorial at A Creative Mint.
Or perhaps you like elegant calligraphy….template available at Oh Happy Day!

Or, old fashioned dip dye available at Terrain.

So, how DO you like your eggs?


  1. Loved your decorations..:)
    Android Developer

  2. Funny but lately I've had them soft boiled too but I'll take any one of the beautifully done eggs above. I haven't made dyed eggs in a couple of years now and you have me wanting to make some.

    Enjoy your Easter Elizabeth!

  3. Easter is my favorite day, and I love these ideas! The pastels in the first group are a new and fresh idea for me.
    Happy Monday.

  4. I love soft boiled as well – I have the most charming Quimper egg cups! I think I will be forgoing egg painting this year but it was for years a favorite activity chez nous!

  5. suddenly i want to dye eggs, something i have not done in decades?!

    adore the eggs with the calligraphy, thanks for the inspiration elizabeth
    happy spring and easter to you!

  6. I would love to paint this Easter. This has inspired me. I do not think I have a very still hand to do the calligraphy, so free hand painting looks more my style!

  7. I always have good intentions of dying eggs each year, but never seem to get around to it. These are all so pretty!

  8. Like Q, our egg-dying days are behind us. Thoroughly enjoying these cute eggs!

  9. These are the prettiest Easter eggs I have ever seen! I am going to pin them on Pinterest – just beautiful.

    Enjoy your day! xoxox

  10. Hi Elizabeth! Beans and I are going to dye eggs tonight…ah having a 5 year old means I get to do things that big girls sometimes forget about.
    Hope all is happy,

  11. In an omelette with tons of cheese and veggies! Sadly, the teenage boys only get their Easter kicks out of chocolate eggs so we're the only ones dying to dye them. What creative inspiration here though!
    C + C

  12. Happy new week Ms. Creative,

    We still dye them! Wrapped in different onion skins and then down in boiling water. Organic and rustic – my Mom taught me.

    Hope all is well. The sun is shining in Seattle. Wihoo! I am going for a long run along the water with my puppy. Life is good!



  13. I just love the beautifully decorated eggs, but sadly our house always has the solid colored eggs…no artistic talent here…

  14. Hi Elizabeth! We always enjoy celebrating Easter with our personalized Easter eggs. I have done them many different ways .. Our favorite is always the traditional way. I like my eggs scrambled (with a yummy cheese) on a piece of grainy toast :). I'm still visiting the islands and will be back in blog land soon. I've been sharing a few pics on's so fun!