Friday Fun, Art & Fashion in NYC

Welcome to the weekend!! What do you have planned? A little fun? A little fashion? A little artistic endeavor? Well, yesterday was one of those days where those 3 things came together. I took the train into NYC with one of the best companions I know. My 8 year old son.
Just arriving in Grand Central Station is an experience. Did you know GCS is celebrating 100 years? Although the photo below may not be one of my best, I hope my son enjoys looking back on it years from now. See the 100 in the windows behind him?
Next stop….the Modern Museum of Art, aka the MoMA. Warhol, Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet and Munch. From “Starry Nights” to “The Scream”…I got to see what he liked. What he didn’t. Go to a museum with a child and you’ll see it in a different light!
From there, it was time for him to take the lead….and he led us straight to that beacon for children, FAO Schwarz. Dancing on the floor piano from the movie, Big and posing with Batman. Trust me….he had Fun with a capital F!

 My brush with fashion was limited to snapping the Bergdorf Goodman windows, but I knew I had to share them with you. The fashions are quite fab.

He slept on the train home and it was only after we arrived home, that the rain began to fall. Such fortunate timing!

One last NYC piece of goodness for you….check out the “behind the scenes” of yesterday’s Home article in the New York Times. Style mavens, Anne Maxwell Foster & Suysel dePedro Cunningham, of the boutique design firm, Tilton Fenwick, completely transformed Anne’s new home in Brooklyn.

So, be it art, design, fashion or plain ‘ole fun….wishing you a most wonderful weekend!

images: pinterest, ppt, moma, fao schwarz


  1. Elizabeth it looks like you had the perfect day in NYC. Your little man is cute and looks like he was having fun too. I hope your weekend is just as enjoyable!


  2. sigh, this makes me want to hop on a plane and visit NY again! asap!

  3. What a lucky little guy, looks like such a great day!

  4. Ugh I Love NY…I have got to plan a trip. SH and I had the train into the city from your little town!
    Have a great weekend Elizabeth…Happy March :)

  5. Fun trip to the city! And wow! Look at how your guys are growing!!

  6. It sounds like such a fun day! I used to love taking my children individually on adventures to the city. Your son will always remember his fun day with mom!

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxoxo

  7. The 'dates' I had with my Son or Daughter are the best ones ever. They are now 28 and 31 and I still feel wonderful when I remember those special trips we had.
    Your Son will tuck the special adventure with you in his heart forever.

    {on a serious shopping note ….. ah, love the pink Valentino suit in the window}

  8. I know, Katherine….I love that pink Valentino suit, too! I wouldn't mind the two party numbers next to it either!

    Thanks for your comment….I do hope that he remembers our special day. I had to laugh though…he said he was more of a suburban kid than a city kid. Interesting introspection at 8!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Okay,this was an adorable post. I love that you spent an adventurous day with your Son. What a treasure; it goes too fast. It looks like there was a little eye candy for each of you.

    Have a splendid weekend…

  10. Gorgeous clothes shopping Elizabeth ;). Looks like you both had a great time with a good balance of activities!

    I'm so glad it's Friday! Planning a low key weekend and a fun dinner out with friends:)


  11. Love the post! As a Campbell Apartment, maiden name Campbell and Warhol fan I'm connected! Thank you for the BG windows which I am missing!

  12. You are such a good mom, Elizabeth, and it is a treat to view art through your child's eyes. We're heading to the new Barclay's Center tomorrow for Swedish House Mafia – does that count as a cultural outing? Happy weekend!
    C + C

  13. What a fun day!! And the BG windows are always a treat! Wishing you a great weekend!

  14. Elizabeth..what a great day you had with your son! I love and miss those kinds of excursions when my kids were younger. Enjoy every precious moment!! I agree seeing anything through a kids eyes really does give it a new perspective. Glad you got your brush with fashion, that Valentino suit is a beauty as is that entire window!!

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    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria from

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  17. Hi, Elizabeth: You son is an adorable Rangers fan – so glad you had a special day. BTW, there is a great photo of you on NY Social Diary @ The Hort Lunch.

  18. Elizabeth-
    I am so jealous!! What a great day you two had. Your son is just adorable
    Thank yo for sharing the windows too! Fabulous.
    Happy Sunday.

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