Almost Cinco de Mayo

Are you as ready for Friday as I am?! I was actually deep in the heart of Texas this past week, helping my mom. She was in a serious car accident and spent 2 weeks in the hospital and will have a long road of healing ahead. There was a silver lining though. I love “going home” and when do you actually get 6 uninterrupted days with your mother? Pretty much the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me. But, as I was there to help out and not to hang out….I didn’t have a single TexMex meal. Not a one. Unless you count the spicy guacamole I kept bringing back from Whole Foods. I have a thing about guacamole. You could say I’m addicted. 

Which is why it just seems perfect, as this weekend is upon us, to give a little nod to my Texas roots and give a shout out for Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas, anyone?!

Do you like your tacos mild or spicy? Margaritas on the rocks or frozen? Beer with a lime or a lime fresca (you gotta try this recipe)? Whatever your desire…..I hope your weekend is hot, hot, hot!!!

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  1. So sorry about your Mom's accident. Glad that you are able to spend some time with her and help out. And guac and spicy foods sound yummy!

  2. So sorry about your moms accident, that is very scary but I take it she is doing better? Hope so and am sure your being there made all the difference!
    On a lighter note…..YUM!!!!! You have me craving Mexican food in a big way at not even 7am. And I share your love of guacamole:)
    Enjoy your day and weekend.

  3. Elizabeth,
    So very truly sorry to hear about your Mom's accident. Scary!
    I hope she is feeling better and on the road to a fine recovery. Of course, having you there must have made her so happy.
    Funny, my post today is all about "avocado's" too.
    They are like lemons, what ever life tosses our way, we must look for the sugar and spice!

  4. wishing your mom speedy healing, e!

  5. Dear Elizabeth, how awful for your poor mother…I hope she is healing quickly and on the road to recovery. What a sweet daughter you are to be down there with her, and while the circumstances weren't the best, mama/daughter time is always a good thing.

    Enjoy the beautiful weekend here and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    xoxo you have a favorite Mexican restaurant in the area? We have tried many nearby and are never thrilled.

  6. Elizabeth,
    I am sorry to hear about your Mom but agree that there are blessings in everything–like time with your Mom that might not happen otherwise :)
    Hoping for a speedy recovery and lots of great memories.

  7. Wishing your Mother a speedy and healthy recovery.

  8. Hope your mom is on the mend – I'm sure she was grateful to have your support and company! I haven't had a margarita forever – this weekend is perhaps the perfect time to amend that oversight! Happy weekend!

  9. hopflower says:

    Best wishes and a speedy recover for you mu; I do hope he is comfortable at least and not in to much pain. Good on you for being there.

    A frozen Margarita for me, pleas.! I love them!

  10. hopflower says:

    Best wishes and a speedy recover for you mum; I do hope she is comfortable at least and not in to much pain. Good on you for being there.

    A frozen Margarita for me, please. I love them!

  11. Best wishes to your mother for a speedy recovery. I know that having you with her was the best of medicine.

  12. Oh Elizabeth! I am so sorry about your mom, how scary for you all. So glad you got to go home and spend time with her.

  13. We're so sorry to hear about your Mom, Elizabeth, and we know with your love and care, she'll be up on her feet very soon. Given that we'll be on the shores of LI Sound this weekend for a regatta, we're hoping the menu includes some TexMex! Hope yours is spicy…
    C + C

  14. Get well fast E-mom!!
    I'll have the spicy tacos, with a margarita however it is being mixed and poured. Also like a lime in the beer and that lime fresca sounds tasty. Have a great weekend E!

  15. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's accident! I hope she's doing better. Whole Foods has SUCH good guacamole. We're actually walking out the door to meet friends at Mi Cocina. I'm sure you've been there : )

  16. This looks so delicious! Yummy! Beautiful posts!

  17. Mmmmm! I love guacamole and anything That includes tortillas and cheese… not too spicy, lots of onion and cilantro:). Margaritas are always the perfect drink and I enjoy mine with a salted rim!

    So sorry about your mom Elizabeth. I am sure she appreciates all if your help and support. Im sure this was stressful for your family. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


  18. So sorry to hear about your mom's accident. Hope she recovers quickly! PS — I love guacamole too!

  19. your poor mom, terrible news. sending prayers.

    hot hot hot, mucha spicy with rocks and a lime please.
    big hugs

  20. Allison Smith says:

    Oh, I hope that your mom is recovering well. How scary. So glad you could be with her.

  21. I am sorry about your mom. I know that feeling and you are right, nothing is better, than spending time with parents. I call my parents every single day!
    I love guacamole, too!!! I am vegan, cause I am allergic against many food. So my tacos look similiar, but with tofu and salad, I will present it in a future blogpost. But yours are looking really tasty!
    Love, Ines

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