Elements of a Party

What’s the formula for a great kids birthday party? Theme + planning = Chemistry!

At least that’s what I’m counting on for my son’s Mad Science Party this weekend. He’s turning 9 and thinks he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, so with the help of Alexis Murphy of Jac’olyn Murphy, I’ve started the party prep.

After working with Alexis on various ideas, she put together stickers for the favor bags, wrappers for the water bottles, a sign for the Cake and stickers for real petri dishes that I’ll fill with candy. She made up “elements” from the periodic table and used the actual age and date of his birthday to customize them. 
 The perfect candy for budding scientist? Nerds and Smarties, of course!
 “Syringe” pens for the favor bags
Each guest will also receive a real lab coat & safety glasses for the experiments so they can get messy.

Next week, I’ll share photos of the actual party and how it all comes together. Hopefully, I’ve got the formula right!


  1. How clever!! If anyone can come up with that perfect scientific formula for a perfect kids party….its you Elizabeth! I have total faith in you…love all the details tied in with something that genuinely excites him. What fun!

  2. Everything looks great Elizabeth!! I can't wait to see the party pics. So easy to have Chemistry when working with you. Happy Birthday Tyler :)

  3. Elizabeth, I'm always impressed with your party-planning talents, but this one takes the cake. What a terrific and unique idea. I'm sure that your son and his friends will have a mad fun time and the party will be a huge success! Hope you have a terrific time pulling it all together this week, can't wait to see how it turns out! XOXO

  4. What a fun idea. You should be a kids party planner, looks like they are in for a wonderful time.

  5. You are the coolest mom, Elizabeth!! And the most creative. I can't wait to see photos from this party. I hope they all have a blast! (So clever, you!)

  6. AWESOME!!!! I know my sweet girl would love this party…Hope it's a great party for him.

  7. Elizabeth,
    I had a "Mad Scientist" party for my twins when they were younger and they loved it. I know your son will have a blast at his party and more importantly celebrating with all his friends.
    Looks like it's off to a great start already.
    Nothing like being ready~

  8. Elizabeth, you should seriously write a book on parties…you are so creative. This is such a fantastic idea for a kids party – all the way down to the lab coats. I would love to come back as one of your kids in my next life!!

    Enjoy your day!! xoxo

  9. My inner geek loves this party plan! Can't wait to see the pics!

  10. You definitely have the right formula for throwing a fun party and we know the kids had a blast. Our boys just started 10th grade chemistry and are loving it!
    C + C

  11. You rock! what an awesome party. Much better than the mad science party I once through for Reece… by the way if it's "Radical Rob" we LOVED him

  12. Allison Smith says:

    Fun! I did a similar party for Brenton several years ago that was Harry Potter themed. If you need experiment recipes for turning potions from one color to the next, I can send them to you. Cannot wait to see your photos!

  13. You put me to shame. I wish I had been that organised

  14. This is the best idea!! I love that it can be for boys!! Many times trying to figure party themes for boys was so difficult. My sister will enjoy this post and those pens!! so cool! I look forward to more party photos!!

  15. This is beyond adorable, Elizabeth, and I can hardly wait to see it come to fruition. Saving this party for Will in 7 years!! Happy Monday ~

  16. This is so much fun Elizabeth, and the boys are going to love it:) You are such a clever and cool mom putting all this together. It's worth the effort on your part:) The kids will remember their birthday parties forever.


  17. Elizabeth this is fantastic and I think the budding scientists will have a fantastic time! Great theme!
    Best wishes