Curb Appeal

Maybe it’s because Spring is around the corner…but I find myself thinking a lot about curb appeal. My house hasn’t had much this winter, with 4 feet of snow, much of it still in our yard. That, along with the bright orange sticks my husband put around the yard’s perimeter to keep the snow plow away. Zero curb appeal. But, that’s all about to change. I’m gearing up for Spring!

Whether your house is new or old, has big or small bones, it’s all about how you dress it. 

What helps create curb appeal?
– A great entrance. Paint the door either glossy black (Fine Paints of Europe is the best) or a fun color.
– Planters flanking the door or on the front steps. Come April, I’ll have large ferns planted in my front urns and they’ll stay there until Fall. 
– A clean, fresh welcome mat. 
– Great lighting. Updating your light fixtures can be transformative. We changed out the teeny tiny ones on our house with oversized lanterns and it made a world of difference. 

Curb appeal is a lot like charisma. You can’t always describe it, but you know it when you see it!

Think like a realtor. What would they suggest you do to the outside if you were trying to sell your house? Now, go do that. And, enjoy it every time you come home this Spring!

images: my Curb Appeal pinterest page


  1. Elizabeth,
    You always have such a way of adding charisma to everything you do inside and out. Did you ever consider being a realtor or "staging" homes? I think the one thing I would like to do is invent a "house wash" – because all I see are dirty piles of snow. I can't wait to start seeing Spring and filling our planters with fresh boxwoods and flowers.

  2. I think like a realtor too! House Hunters drives me CRAZY…you can change a paint color people! I'm going to be painting our new door this week. After I'm sure it wont freeze again, out come the plants!

  3. Hi Elizabeth, I always love the spring spruce up! This year we are going through a big landscaping project so we will be tearing things up before we clean up. Hopefully there will be plenty of curb appeal when we are done, but it's going to be a bit of a muddy mess for a while. I can't wait, though! I know when we painted our front door blue it made a huge difference.

    I'm sure the welcome you extend to your guests starts the moment your home comes into view!

    Have fun in Texas this week! Enjoy the sunshine. XOXO

  4. I think we are all looking forward to sprucing things up a bit now that winter is on its way out. We have a pending home sale and are starting a home reconstruction project. The entry (curb appeal) is going to be completely redone. I like the idea of urns or planters in the front and I will probably paint the door a glossy black (have that now and love it!) Hope you have fun this week Elizabeth! xxleslie

  5. Elizabeth,
    Your post has come at a perfect time. My yard is ready for some Spring landscaping projects! These are wonderful to dream about!

  6. Seeing all these beautiful pictures with green grass and flowers makes me happy..puts a little pep in my step! I cannot wait and don't remember EVER feeling so excited about springs arrival….just to be able to walk outside without a heavy jacket will be so liberating!
    I love nothing more than heading to the nursery and filling up my planters with all of natures gifts….such fun!

  7. I can't wait to spruce up the front of the house once this snow melts away, the sun is out today, and so make me want to plant something (although it will be July before we see the ground here in the Midwest), thanks for the beautiful pictures, and here is hoping we see some green spaces very soon

  8. It has been a tough winter with extreme weather patterns. We all deserve sun filled days to play in the garden, hopefully the buds will begin to bloom soon.

  9. I am so looking forward to the house and yard looking tidy again and cannot wait for the icky gray snow to finally be gone. My house is in desperate need of a paint job this Spring – once that is done, I will spruce things up!

    Have a fabulous week, Elizabeth! xoxo

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