Five Fabulous Gifts Under $75

Gift giving season is about to be upon us and it’s time to get organized! Some people are super easy to buy for – they seem to like everything. Others are a little tougher. So, I think it helps to see a variety of gift ideas from different sources, as we all can get in little gift giving ruts.
Here are a few things I think are just great!
1. Donald Robertson for J. Crew and Crewcuts. You’re following @donalddrawberston on Instagram, right? If not….start today! I’ve watched as Donald has gone from the doodle-loving Creative Director for Bobbi Brown with a cult-like following, to having his own artist show at Colette in Paris to collaborating with J. Crew and Kara Ross. The man is on FIRE!
His limited edition designs for J. Crew are whimsical and witty. And, you know they’ll light up Instagram! $45

If you know someone with a serious relationship with chocolate, this will definitely rock their palette! $65
What does it include?
* milk chocolate covered animal crackers by Tumbador
* chocolate-covered cornflakes by Jacques Torres
* chocolate-covered cranberries by Fruition Chocolate
* Roni-Sue’s chocolate dipped Martins pretzels
* chocolate peanut butter bites by hot cakes
In my hometown of Dallas, these key rings have been the thing for quite a while. Designed by 2 moms, they are stylish but practical! They slip over your wrist so you can use both hands. Also, they fit over a door knob, so you can leave your keys on the door you usually come and go from. With an easy key release, they are ideal for valet parking. And, this year, it appears the Big O, Oprah, has found them, too, as they made her Favorite Things list. $55
Oh, how I love a monogram! Nothing says, “I really thought about you”, like giving a gift that is meant just for them. These are just super chic – whether you choose the script or the block style. I know you think I’d go for the pink, but this is one case where the black one just seems so timeless and luxe!, $71

I have a fondness for candles, but don’t always buy myself the prettiest ones. I think a lot of people are that way and so it is always so lovely to receive one as a gift. I love the nod to crackling fires/winter and the beautiful gold tone container that can be used for a myriad of uses after the candle has burned away., $48
The act of giving is slowing down long enough to consider someone in your life that you care about and showing them that in some tangible way. Enjoy the process….and start now, so that once you get to December, your gifts are wrapped and mailed and you are savoring the season.


  1. These are all fun ideas, of course the chocolate gift most speaks to me but I can never turn down a monogrammed anything and love the O keychain, clever!!

    Thanks Elizabeth, can always count on you for such wonderful ideas:)

    Stay warm…brrrrrr!

  2. Great ideas Elizabeth! Love the key rings. Of course they started in Dallas! Have a great day!

  3. Elizabeth, you perfectly summed up how I feel about giving. One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the process of matching the perfect gift to everyone on my list and you are so right, it's about slowing down and considering – and I think often reflecting what you most treasure about someone back at them through the gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful and heartfelt!

    All of these are fantastic ideas!

    I'm thoroughly enjoying Donald Roberston on IG. Funny thing, the day before you recommended that I check him out, I unknowingly bought one of his T-shirts at JCrew! He is so talented and has such a fun energy to his art.

    Hope you are having a lovely week – and that your holiday shopping list is starting to come together!


  4. Elizabeth you have picked the most wonderful gifts for a variety of people on our lists. LOve the candle! Donald's designs are so very fun and artful!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. That key ring is so cute and you can't go wrong with something made with chocolate:)

    Enjoy your day! xxL

  6. These are SUCH fantastic finds, Elizabeth!! Every one of them is new to me…I LOVE finding new gift ideas. Thank you for being my "curator". Have a lovely day, my dear!! xoxo

  7. love love loving the crewcuts tee and thinking i'll snag the xl for myself…isn't that a charitable attitude during the holidays? oy. great picks! peace to you right where you are.

  8. Wow.. Thanks for sharing this gift ideas of your! This is really helpful for those who can't decide on what gift should they give.

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