Bunny Williams’ Trade Secrets

For the past 15 years, Bunny Williams has hosted Trade Secrets, a two day garden event, that to many, has become the preeminent garden experience in the Northeast. Held at the bucolic Lion Rock Farm in Sharon, CT, there were garden tours (including Bunny and John Rosselli’s garden), a talk and book signing by Bunny and rare plant and garden antique vendors.
When my friend, Ted Kennedy Watson, called to ask if I wanted to join him, I knew this was not to be missed. Experiences such as this are so much more fun when you can do them with a friend!
We arrived early, just after 8am, and enjoyed a relaxing breakfast before making the rounds to all the vendors. As the event is outdoors and under tents, everyone was in casual attire and comfortable footwear. We noticed that the line got noticeably longer around 10am, as did the line of cars waiting to get in….so, arriving early is key!
We ran into Bunny early on and said hello. That alone was worth the drive! 
Another highlight was meeting famed potter, Guy Wolff, who was catapulted to another level once his work was highlighted by Martha Stewart
Guy has designed and produced garden pottery for many of America’s most prestigious estates, botanical gardens, museums and historic homes, including the U.S. Botanical Gardens, The White House, Monticello, Martha Stewart and the New York Botanical Gardens.
I came away with a couple of treasures and the desire to return again!

Have you heard of or been to Trade Secrets before? I’d love to know!! It’s certainly not a secret any more!!!


  1. Looks amazing! I think I heard about it in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living.
    Love your finds!!

  2. Looks amazing.. I haven't heard of it before. So many treasures to feast our eyes on. fondly ~lynne~

  3. What fun Elizabeth!! I heard about the Wolff Pottery via Martha Steward several years back. I have a couple pieces and love them:) Looks like you both a lots of fun! Enjoy your day:)

  4. I would have been in heaven! I heard Bunny Williams give a talk back in February and she was talking about Trade Secrets and how it came about. You are so lucky to have gotten to go and it looks like it was a fun and special day!

  5. Elizabeth, I am so, so glad that you and Ted got to have this adventure together – you are so right, everything is better with a friend. And I feel quite lucky that I'm able to live vicariously through you two!! Looks like it was just amazing! Those topiaries! Those pots! Love Bunny and all her garden magic.

    I know that this will be tough to top, but I hope your week ahead is just as lovely. AND can't wait to see you briefly next week. I'm sitting in my own garden right now drinking coffee and watching our roses and it seems unreal that by the end up the week I will be in Maine and then Nantucket… and New York! So excited and we will have to discuss some ideas for your Seattle visit!


  6. I went two years ago and had the best time! I got a Guy Wolff pot, a "stone" rabbit from Pennoyer & Newman, some linens, some plants and tons of great pictures!

  7. Oh how fun fun fun! My friend was there the night before for some kind of dinner and said it was the highlight of her year so far! How I wish we could have gone, she had invited us but we had a prior commitment, but this looks like such an incredibly fun day!!
    And as you said getting to share it with a treasured friends makes it that much better. You are right I would have been in topiary heaven indeed! Thank you for sharing the highlights..hopefully next year:)

  8. How wonderful it sounds! your recap makes me want to attend another year. I love your loot too!

  9. OMg call me next year!! that looks fabulous!

  10. I also enjoyed this event this year and the chance to meet Bunny Williams, one of the women I admire. She was so gracious and funny. After touring the gardens on Day 2 I came home anad reevaluated my entire yard. So many fabulous ideas!! I love all my Guy Wolff pots and am planning to add some from his son's designs now. Thanks for the recap of Day 1!

  11. What fun! It looks like it was a perfect day and even better shared with Ted! Thanks for sharing with US!!