Watson Kennedy – Fabulous Seattle Shop

One of the reasons I went to Seattle was to see my wonderful friend, Ted Kennedy Watson. Ted and I met at a blog conference years ago….and over time zones and shared interests became great friends!

Ted is a conniesseur of living a wonderful life. And, his shops, Watson Kennedy, reflect that in their displays, their smells, their music that plays at just the right level and his team’s desire to help you find the perfect gift or element to enhance your own day-to-day. 

I had not only become a friend, but a customer over the years and yearned to experience the physical aspects of the shops for myself. Boy, did they deliver. Come…let’s take a tour!

One fun note about all the Veuve Clicquot bottles that line the wall of his 1st Ave shop is that they are all from his 40th and 50th birthday celebrations. How fun is that?! Every time he looks at that wall he’s reminded of great friends and special memories.
Eye candy galore, right?! If you see something you like or need help with a gift, they are just amazing at wrapping and sending, so don’t hesitate if you don’t live in Seattle.
In fact….there should be a box arriving for me any day now!


  1. Eye Candy for sure!! What a great shop and beautifully merchandised!! Thanks!!

  2. A unique and wonderful assortment! Thanks Elizabeth!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. What a beautiful store and amazing collection of "goodies". Nothing quite like a pretty package arriving in the mail!

  4. Laura Roe says:

    I always love visiting this shop when I am in Seattle! It is artfully arranged by color and country, too! ☺️Thanks for a vicarious trip! Laura

  5. That shop looks cram full of goodies! xo K

  6. I love, love, love both their Seattle locations. They are a "must" every time I am in town! And the owner, Ted, is so very gracious.

  7. I would go bonkers in his store…(and plan to when I visit:) Also love his book, his passion for living a beautiful life seems infectious. What a fun shop, the kind that has something for everyone it seems! Enjoy your evening:)