Kerri Rosenthal Art – Mother’s Day Give Away

unnamed-1Did you happen to see the feature on artist, Kerri Rosenthal, and her home in LONNY?! See that super cool citron “Tiki Tulip” in the photo of her kitchen? Well….it could be yours! To keep or give to someone you love. This is Kerri’s Mother’s Day gift to one very lucky reader! The painting is 16×20 and valued at $1800.

Kerri’s work continues to garner accolades and praise from CTC&G, Domino, New England Home, Traditional Home, At Home and Luxe magazine. Her work adornes numerous homes and is the focal point for many amazing interiors.

These are just a few “citron” selections that coordinate with the “Tiki Tulip” that she’s giving away today!unnamed-2Tiki Tulip Citron 48×72unnamed-3Kerri at work in her studio

unnamed-6Hint of Lime 36×48

unnamed-7Cake & Confetti 36×48

Recently, Kerri has turned her artist eye toward photography and her work can be found at and Nest Inspired Home (both photography and paintings). Here is a peek at her limited edition photography.unnamed-8Isle de Soleilunnamed-9Napa Palm

unnamedKerri’s work is full of color – a color for everyone. So, to see her entire portfolio go here.unnamed-4And, to have a chance to win Kerri’s Citron “Tiki Tulip”….just leave us a comment about your favorite childhood memory about your mom! Was it a special trip? The way she tucked you in? Something she used to pack in your lunch? The way she made you laugh? A song she used to sing? Or are there many?!


 * Give away is open until Wed, May 4th, to anyone as long as you leave us an email in your comment, so we can contact you if you win. Winner announced here on Fri, May 6th! 


  1. My twin sister and I came home from school to find our Barbies on our dressers dressed in handmade evening gowns. They were cream satin with green tulle overlays. This was circa 1962 and we were gob smacked.

  2. dee clegg says:

    my mom is special–she came from a very hard life–she walked with a little coin purse when she was 7 to a grocery store to buy milk for the family–it was a large family and everyone had chores–she dropped her little coin purse-picked it up and went on to the grocery store only to realize the money had fallen out–she had to walk back and try to find that money that would buy the milk–her mother was very strong~ strict woman and she knew she had to find it–she did-had to walk back to the grocery -purchase the milk and walk back home.
    That memory made my mom strong–which made me strong as she didn’t give her daughter any slack–while that might not make me laugh it was a great childhood memory that has made me a STRONG WOMAN–

  3. Jennie Hawes says:

    My favorite memories involve food and my mom – baking with her was always a treat or coming home from school to a house that smelled like freshly baked cookies or bread. I still love her apple pie more than anything in the world!

  4. One of my favorite memories of my mom is when she received her first paycheck from working at Tyler House, a high end clothing store that was here in Chapel Hill, NC years ago. I was in third grade. When she came home that evening, she had purchased my brother and me gifts using her first paycheck. I received a bottle of nail polish and a blue scrap book. Even at that young age, I realized how selfless and giving she had been to spend her money on us when clearly there were better uses of that money.

  5. My favorite memories of my mom are the little things. How she loved cooking for us, cuddling and just hanging out! I have had many wonderful things in my life, but it always how someone makes you feel that means the most!

  6. Andrea L. says:

    My mother passed away when I was eleven years old. My warmest memory of her was something very abstract. Sitting in a rocking chair, my head on her chest, smelling her sweet smell, and rocking away in her arms. Something so simple, yet so maternal.

  7. Debbie Carr says:

    My favorite memories with my Mom are when my Mom, her sister (my aunt who did not have any children of her own), my grandmother, my sister and I would go shopping the day after Christmas. We would get up super early and hit the sales in Raleigh, NC. We had so much fun together – three generations of women.

  8. Lewellyn says:

    After her weekly grocery shopping trip, sometimes she would bring home a 45 rpm record of the Beatles’s music just for me. I was able to share these 45’s with my siblings at my discretion. It was heaven for me as I have a severe hearing loss and I could control the volume and replay the records to my hearts content. I realized as I got older that she put off buying her own simple pleasures for me to have this collection. Now I am able to spoil her with simple gestures. She taught me how to be a selfless mom to my own child.

  9. Jenny garden says:

    I loved that my mom would always try and be home by the time I got home from school. She would have cookies or fresh baked bread made and she would ask about my day…I loved that time together! She also had some great sayings. My favorite was “Always do your have to’s before your want to’s”.

  10. Every time I think of my mom singing “Eye Of The Tiger” in our living room for my brother and I, it brings a smile to my face. She was a badass and that song is still one of my faves.

  11. elizabeth says:

    When I was around 7,my mom would let me style her bubble cut short 60’s hair do. I would tease it , comb it, and spray it to set. Now we all know 7 year olds aren’t that great at styling hair, but my mom would say she loved it, not even try to remedy fix it, and leave it all day just the way I had finished it. That is a mothers true love.

  12. My mom grew up in the city, but her mom was raised on a farm and knew where to find the best produce. From May through October, we would drive all over the state to get silver queen corn from Mrs. Boyd, tomatoes from Mr. Grissom, blueberries from Mr. Holden, peaches from Mrs. Hall, etc. My mom and grandmother would sit under the trees in her back yard in the city and shuck 20 dozen ears of corn at a time, followed by eating soggy tomato sandwiches on white bread (pink from the tomatoes). Then, for a treat later, she would make us homemade peach ice cream, with the old fashioned ice cream maker you crank by hand. Those summer days, as a child with my mom, are some of my most treasured memories!

  13. My mother had a beautiful rose garden and she would mulch with cocoa bean mulch. The whole yard smelled amazing. I can still remember the names of some of her roses. She passed away 15 years ago and I think of her everyday.

  14. Ahhh…so many wonderful memories of my mom, but my favorite is of her zipping around Southern Italy in our little Fiat and bargaining in Italian for Vietri pottery when we lived in Italy in the 70’s. I think those are her favorite memories too!

    Kerri’s work is so cheerful…they make me smile!!! xoxo

  15. Barbara b. says:

    My mother could make any day fun, but special occasions were the best. When I was nine years old, she planned a special Halloween Party for our friends. Of course, she prepared and baked all the food. We had a “smoky” punch, black cat cupcakes, and orange popcorn that left our teeth orange for several days (which we all loved), crepe paper banners, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, face painting, a “real” fortune teller with a glass ball and wonderful costume (who happened to be one of her friends with an extraordinary long nose and great laugh!). She even designed and sewed a pumpkin costume for my dog, a black and white collie. It was the best night ever and even after 40 years, I can vividly remember it with such clarity and appreciation. The photos taken that evening with her Brownie camera are some of our family favorites.

    She has passed away now, but she left me with such a feeling of being loved and also a desire to carry on her positive outlook and love of life.

  16. I am so blessed to have my mother and have so many happy memories I could write a book. But some of my happiest memories are at the beach. My mom had 4 kids under 5 years old and she would pack all of us up with our toys, towels, etc and take us to play everyday at the beach where we would picnic, catch fish, make sandcastles and while away the day on the shores of Lake Michigan. On winter days she would take us sledding, make us cocoa and read in front of the fire with us.

    Thanks for brining back some happy times.

  17. alicia baldwin says:

    One of my favorite memories was my mom entrusting me with the job of riding my bike to the local bakery to pick up the apple pie that she was serving that night for bridge club. Pulling proudly into our driveway after cautiously bicycling a few miles with the pie, I encountered a bump and accidentally ran over the pie! Sheepishly I presented the dented box to my mom and was so relieved when she laughed and said “oh well, I guess it’ll be apple cobbler tonight for the girls!”

  18. Sheryl Morris says:

    Like all mothers in my neighborhood growing up mine was always at home. Home was her job, a big one with 7 kids, no second car. Luxury to know every time you walked in door or called her name she was always there to see and answer.

  19. One of my favorite childhood memories was that my Mom always encouraged me and believed in me.
    Now if that is not love, well then I don’t know what is. She raised 7 of us and we always wonder how she managed to give out so much love.

  20. Allison Smith says:

    My Mom sang a wonderful “wake up” song to my sisters and me every morning. I sing it to my sons!

  21. I have favorite memories of my mother curling my hair. She would tie rags, made of strips of old and very soft Lanz nightgowns, in my wet hair so i could sleep on them. The next morning when they were taken out i had the most beautiful curls. Always during this time we would sit and have fun chats, listen to music and laugh. She made this routine such a treasure. To this day it still brings happy memories of my childhood!

  22. I remember her chubby very “chilled” upper arms. When any of us were feverish or sad, we just had to lay our heads on her soft cold arms and the world was right again. God I miss her so….Happy Mother’s Day to all

  23. Kristina says:

    As for my mom, she is one big giver of a lady. Sometimes at her own expense. So naturally my sisters and I poke fun of her any chance we get and our favorite stories are about how consistent her packed lunches were… I feel like my lunchbox (yes it was an aluminum box with some picture on the front) contained the same food items in it from Kindergarten until Grade 13 (or OAC year as we called it back then in Ontario).

  24. My mom for our birthdays would always make us our favorite dish for dinner. I never wanted to go b/c Mom’s food was better than a restaurant. I normally chose Italian pot roast with homemade noodles or chicken & mushroom crepes. She always made me breakfast before school. She was a morning person I love the memories of her up singing along with the radio & making me breakfast. My email is

  25. I remember my mother reading to me every night before I feel asleep. A tradition I kept with my own children. Reading some of the same books! Happy mother’s day everyone!

  26. Growing up we had a jukebox in our home. My mom used to take my sister and I to the record store once a week. We would buy the latest songs on 45’s and run home and play them. We had the BEST dance parties and would play those songs over and over!!

    Happy Mother’s Day Elizabeth!!!! Xo

  27. So many great childhood memories with my mom, but probably one of the best is how she instilled a love of reading in my sister and I. My mom was a lover of all books, an English major. She read to us and to took us to the library. She always said that new books were something we could always talk her into. And she is thrilled now to have four grandchildren who also love to read!

  28. Heather says:

    They way my Mom always made car trips FUN! She would sing and make us laugh. She always packed the best treats in a large cooler that she had at her feet! It made the trip from Mexico City to Brownsville, Texas that much better!