Weekend Wrap Up

Faena_Hotel_Pool_Other-View-1220x660Ahhhhh….it’s the weekend! I’m sitting poolside to recharge my creative batteries (and because my husband was sweet enough to watch the kids)…I’ll tell you where next week. So, while I read my magazines and novel (Along the Infinite Sea, by Beatriz Williams) I wanted to leave you with some fun links for the weekend!

The amazing Kerri Rosenthal “tiki tulip” give away

7 Steps to Healthier, Stronger Lashes

Chicken Tequila Taquitos for Cinco de Mayo

Where to find the cutest mini custom pinatas

Wishing you poolside-style drinks and someone to watch the kids!! Think of it as an early Mother’s Day!



  1. I hope you are soaking up lots of sunshine…have a mojito for me!!! xoxo