Tulips Take a Bow

IMG_8857Tulips season is drawing to a close. I wait with such anticipation all year to see them bloom and then they are gone too quickly. Thank you for indulging me with one last post on the tulips. But, the blog is called pretty pink tulips, after all…!IMG_8841 IMG_8801 IMG_8813IMG_8800 IMG_8815 IMG_8851 IMG_8852 IMG_8855Luckily, the peonies and hydrangeas will be blooming soon. That’s the joy of changing seasons…there’s always something new happening.

What’s happening behind your garden gate?



  1. Lauren lehmann says:

    Absolutely gorgeous garden Elizabeth!!!! I look forward to seeing those pretty pink tulips each Spring!

  2. Please, post all day long!! Pink tulips are my very favorite flower! Yours are gorgeous! My hubby planted (what was supposed to be pink) all over my front yard. While they were beautiful, they were not the soft sweet pink I’d dreamed of! :(

    What color/strain/brand are these? I NEED THEM!!

  3. It is complete perfection, Elizabeth and I can never get enough or your pretty pink tulips!! Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Absolutely stunning!! They look like they should be in the pages of a magazine! 😉 I can’t wait to what blooms next (although the tulips are iconic, of course!) Xoxo

  5. GORGEOUS!!! Wow so picture perfect, almost like a painting. Your tulips are just so beautiful and I hope they lasted, love seeing your beautiful home come to life in the spring. Hope you are well, have been away but trying to play catch up with my favorite blogs.
    Lucky you to have gone to Trade Secrets I had tix to go but extended my stay in Nashville so gave them to friends who had the best time….next year for sure! Enjoy the beautiful spring day.