Artist Spotlight – Casey Matthews

0eb778708c6b56e1f2452d93a8a921c5The artwork of Casey Matthews has always spoken to me. I love her approach with mixed media and the energy that her paintings exude. A Texas native (that might have a little bit to do with my attraction) now resides in Florida and I’m sure the beauty and light influence her work.

Casey says of her painting, “My intention is to create layers of information through my technique, and combine the bold structure of graphic design and pattern with spontaneous painting; leading your mind’s eye on an aesthetic journey through the process of emotion and contradiction.” I couldn’t say it better.3b761402885c53b3449612c37c97b5b6 4e9741810ba99d2b00d1400c4a840ebb 83e3965853d8cbc4482b6b6aff08c0f0 673ba1c363d49058580874483badd1c7 240622751f3f81fcbb6747e86147eae8 a2e371d39678b0c176cbd9643e6630a2 b2386fc423baf143c698e75a88e3e6c8 d762c38e3ed3e5dd2f75b29fce898082 de82c8fff72b9c7b350069e637804c62

I just love the journey that my mind’s eye takes when looking at Casey’s work. I’m drawn in and then I want to step back and take it all in.



  1. Her art is gorgeous, Elizabeth. I love the colors and always excited to learn of a new talent! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love her use of color blends, they are fresh and fun!

  3. Thanks for the feature Elizabeth! xoxo