Memorial Day is Near

IMG_6545-1Memorial Day Weekend is coming up (unofficial beginning of summer)! As I think about how I want to dress the house this year, I always enjoy looking back at what I’ve done before. It’s fun to change things up, so I’ll use prior years as a guide and try to give it a new twist.

So…these are from the archives.IMG_6556

IMG_6542 IMG_6568DSC_0019-1024x685IMG_6540IMG_6564Do you dress your house to fit the holidays? As one of our friends said, you could drop a foreigner in our neighborhood and they would know what holiday we’re celebrating if you look at my house.

Flags will be flying here soon!



  1. Elizabeth,
    I adore how your home is always dressed up with such love to welcome every occasion. Last night I served my darling a glass of wine and an ever so charming blue bowl of potato chips. I cleaned and rearranged our back porch and thought about how love always is the answer to everything!
    Happy Memorial Day! We will be in Monaco for the Grande Prix and our son will be coming home for some suburban love – away from the hustle and bustle of city life.