Simple Summer Entertaining Tips

DSC_0352Simple summer entertaining…is that a misnomer? I don’t think so. The first thing that comes to mind for summer is being outside. In the Northeast, winter seems like a season that lasts half a year, so on any decent day, you’ll find me outside in the backyard.

The other thing that comes to mind is…use what you have. Finding a favorite “go to” color is an easy way to always have things on hand that can be used for an impromptu gathering. Obviously, mine is pink, but yours could be navy, citron or persimmon. Don’t be afraid to use basic pantry items, too….you can elevate them by how you present them. Presentation is everything!

This is a simple set up that I pulled together to welcome my mom to New York. Isn’t that reason enough for a celebration? The base is my potting table, which is meant for growing herbs. When I’m not growing herbs in it, I put the top on and use it as a “bar cart” and serving station. It’s the perfect height and I love the look of the weathered wood.DSC_0344 DSC_0355 DSC_0345Next, I needed to dress it up a bit, so I used a garland that I saved from a birthday celebration. It says “party”! Additionally, I use the “good stuff”. That means ditching the plastic for crystal and silver. I’m not setting an entire table, so it’s as easy as loading up a silver tray and bringing it outside. Don’t have a wine or champagne cooler? No problem. Use a basic glass vase and cut some hosta leaves out of the garden to dress it up.DSC_0349 DSC_0356DSC_0346Some people like salty. Some like sweet. I’m the former, but I always love to have a little dessert for those who love them. Store bought cupcakes are dressed up with one of my favorite sprinkle mixes by Amy Sedaris for Fishes Eddy. The little white candies say “I Like You”.DSC_0341 DSC_0342DSC_0340 DSC_0343The key to simple entertaining in summer, or any season for that matter, is to have an arsenal of entertaining basics on hand and to find a formula that works for you. Happy Summer!!


Sources: Drink More Champagne napkins (Shop Lettermade), Hot Pink monogrammed napkins (Emily McCarthy), Silver bowl & similar (Watson Kennedy), Rosé All Day pillow (Nest Inspired Home), Garland (BlushBazaar)

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  1. Elizabeth, I love this, and not just because we seem to have similar taste and think CUPCAKES right away for simple summer entertaining! The mix of high and low, and that pink garland!! Your mom is a lucky lady, and I would feel so special to be welcomed like that. Thanks for sharing, and sorry about the permalink fail. My post is here: Peace to you right where you are.

  2. Elizabeth you are a girl after my own heart store purchased cupcakes and Rose All Day! This is so festive and fun it makes me want to come right over. I am not a pink person but you are convincing me! Thank you so much for participating. This is lovely!!

  3. What a fun and feminine party…lucky mom and daughter! Happy birthday!
    Mary Ann

  4. My kind of party food…cupcakes and champagne! Fun partying with you today…Janet

  5. THAT BELVOIR drink is not on the WEST COAST that I know of in THAT FLAVOR!
    Years ago they had in Elderberry………..I must GO SEARCHING!
    HAPPY SUMMER……………BE IN YOUR GARDEN it looks lovely from what I can see…………
    AND may I suggest you need to change LEAVE A COMMENT as it is HARD TO FIND up TOP!!!!

  6. HOtulus says:

    Hi Elizabeth –

    Great post! Can you tell me where you ordered the cocktail napkins from? I love that monogram!

    • Elizabeth Moyer says:

      Hi Adrienn,
      The monogrammed cocktail napkins are from Emily McCarthy! :)

      xo Elizabeth