Almost Summer Garden

IMG_3078It’s almost summer! That means hydrangeas…or at least it usually does. Last year, like many of you, mine just didn’t bloom. So, I am thrilled to see so many blossoms this year. Here’s an early peek, as they are not at their peak!DSC_0358IMG_3077DSC_0362DSC_0364DSC_0359DSC_0365As my birthday is on the first day of summer, June 21st, I’m going to be away this week. There will be a post on Thursday, as I’m joining other lifestyle bloggers talking “simple summer entertaining tips”, so don’t be thrown by the unusual schedule.

Next week, I’ll be back on my M/W/F with photos of the where I am! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get a preview.

Happy Summer!


What’s Old is New Again


In my rush last week at the event for Eddie Ross, I didn’t even realize that I had snapped some images on my phone. I am enamored by the various containers that I either sold to attendees or brought home. All were sourced by Outdoors Contained, who graciously did all the centerpieces, from a local church thrift shop. All the proceeds from the Rye Presbyterian Church thrift shop go to various local non-for-profits, so it made their choices even sweeter.

Decanters, tea cups, tea pots, brass vases, porcelain bowls and a glass swan, all became the perfect vessels for genteel arrangements that were a nod and a wink at our speaker, Eddie Ross, and his “Modern Mix“. EDDIE_ROSS-18_hiresIMG_7409IMG_7388IMG_7408IMG_7407IMG_7406IMG_7391IMG_7390IMG_7405IMG_7387IMG_7437

So, the next time you find a one-off of anything, think about how it might work as a vessel for an arrangement and not necessarily what it was intended for. What’s old…is then new again!