Haute Heraldry

Crest_CR-2_HautePapierCouture crests and heraldry has been the rage on instagram and typically seen for new babies, new marriages or for use in personal stationery. It is very, very pretty, but can also be expensive.

Cue the top notch team at Haute Papier…where they have created a stable of ready-to-go crests that can be printed on any of their Executive Notepads. You have to use their color ways, but can customize with your name and initials for far less than having one created just for you.

Talk about a great gift!


Crest_CR-3_HautePapier Crest_CR-6_HautePapier Crest_CR-8_HautePapier Crest_CR-15_HautePapier

Prince George may be the newest “royal” heading off to school, but you’ll feel just as regal with your own crest when you’re jotting down your to-do list! Cue the trumpets!


Texas Strong

il_570xN.1331568059_kkn8Happy September, Back-to-School, Almost Fall and Change-of-Season! Summer is truly done. I had a hard time getting back to my desk…not just because I became accustomed to lazier days but because I’ve been riveted, like many, to the hurricane that hit and toppled much of Houston. My immediate family is in Dallas, so not in the midst of this, but I know many people from Houston, still living in Houston or who have family in Houston. This hits home.

While the best way to help is to contribute to a trusted charity that will get help directly to those who need it, I thought it appropriate to share a few of the small businesses that are doing their part.

You can find the “Come Hell or High Water” shirt on Etsy here. I have to say….it sounds like a Texan and it made me smile. Texans are tough and they will get through this.

May Designs is Texas based and has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and is an Oprah favorite. Love that 100% of the proceeds from their Texas Collection goes to support victims of Hurricane Harveymay designAnd, then there is one of my all time favorites, based in Seattle, glassybaby who is doing their part to support the recovery effort with their Forever votive….Texas Forever.texas forever

Thank you to all of you who may never have been to Texas, but are supporting the recovery effort with goods, donations and prayers. Sometimes the worst of times brings out the best in people.

Here’s to moving forward! It’s good to be back!


Stamp of Approval – Magnolia Postage

2017-06-03_07-17-20_284+(2017-06-05T01_07_16.458)When Vashti Davies decided to dress up her wedding invitations with customized, vintage stamps she had no idea that it would lead to a career doing the same thing for others.

Magnolia Postage elevates paper correspondence with beautifully curated postage. New York wedding? Texas themed reunion? Seaside birthday celebration? You can have a set of coordinated stamps to put that finishing touch on your invitations.2017-06-03_07-44-39_581 DSC_5533-4 DSC_5562-29 FullSizeRender IMG_2132+(1) IMG_4810 IMG_4818 IMG_4822 ZOLA3+(15+of+29)Whoever receives an invitation as beautiful as these will surely give them their stamp of aproval!