Beat the Heat with Water…melon



 Easy Watermelon Slushie

We are experiencing a little heat wave up here….and though I’m not complaining (I’d rather be too hot than too cold), it does help to try and cool things off.

Watermelon is the perfect fruit for the task, as it’s name implies… it is 92% full of water (and vitamin A, B6 and C). You can always just slice some up, but why not jazz things up a bit? Skinny-Watermelon-Sorbet-750x504Skinny Watermelon Sorbetwatermelon-lemonade-srgb.Watermelon Lemonade

Try one of these recipes to beat the heat this week!






































We are experiencing a little heat wave up here and though I know we can’t complain (I’d much rather be too hot than too cold), it does require some survival techniques. One great cooler is watermelon. Of course, you can slice it and enjoy…but why not dress it up a bit?!

Try one of these quick watermelon recipes if you need to beat the heat!Skinny-Watermelon-Sorbet-750x504Skinny Watermelon Sorbetwatermelon-lemonade-srgb.Watermelon Lemondade

Stay cool out there and remember to hydrate!


Adding Interest with Garden Orbs

DSC_0274Several years ago, my mother-in-law brought me two sets of garden orbs. One large, one small. I wasn’t sure what to do with them at first. But, once they were incorporated into my decorative pots, I’ve been enjoying them year round. I’ve been asked from time to time where someone might buy them, so I’m happy to let you know that you can find them at her family’s garden center, Horticultural Services in Manhattan, KS.

Just give them a call (785-776-5764) and they can fix you up! Here’s a look at how I’ve enjoyed them at my house.DSC_0203DSC_0025 DSC_0041DSC_0275 IMG_2226IMG_5729The orbs can be flattened for easy storage, too! Try adding something structural to your outdoor pots, to give them a fresh look!


Greenwich Polo

DSC_0297After more than a decade living near Greenwich, CT….it took family visiting from out of town to get us out to watch a polo match at the Greenwich Polo Club. Now that we’ve experienced it…we can’t wait to go back! Even a little rain didn’t dampen our spirits!

In addition to enjoying an exciting polo match, we discovered that it was a very social experience. We brought out own drinks (Veuve, of course), and there were numerous food trucks, so we didn’t bother with packing a picnic. We found it a very beautiful, peaceful and engaging venue and one which drew viewers of all ages. Even dogs were welcome.

There was a corporate event that was catered right next to our cabana and it looked like a Ralph Lauren ad. Now, that I’ve seen how you can do it, I can’t wait to elevate our next experience.
DSC_0280 DSC_0284DSC_0314 DSC_0283DSC_0327 IMG_2780 IMG_2784DSC_0289DSC_0310DSC_0284DSC_0288IMG_2789The season just kicked off and runs through September 10th, so you have numerous opportunities to come on out and enjoy an exciting spectator sport in a very relaxed environment. There’s even a shuttle running from NYC this year, so gather your friends and make a day of it!