Artist Spotlight: Sally King Benedict

Jaffe+copyI’m always on the look out for talented artists, so when one continues to pop up again and again, I take notice. Sally King Benedict is not new on the scene…in fact, I’ve been admiring her work for a couple of years. And, what I’ve learned is that when you wait too long….their art becomes more collectible and more expensive. Let’s just say I wish I had one of her paintings already!

In particular, I am drawn to her faces. They have an instantly recognizable style, yet are all unique. Other artists are doing “faces” now, but I really love Sally’s take.sally-king-benedict Marigot+FaceFERN+FACE Plantation+Face Tilly+Face Untitled+9Hopefully, Sally will be painting for many,many years to come. And, that gives me hope that I might one day have one of her paintings in my home.

If you love an artist….don’t wait too long to purchase their work. They could be the world’s next Warhol or Matisse!


images: Domino, Sally King Benedict

Artist to Watch – Jenn Thatcher

Render18I love discovering new artists!! Jenn Thatcher is an abstract artist and her work is captivating and energetic…I also love that she’s from Dallas.

I could see her work in my home and thought many of you might like her style, as well. Since her work speaks for itself, here it is!Render4 Render7 Render11 Render14 Render16Test Render17 Render19 Render20 Render21 Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.50.17 PMJenn’s work can be found in a couple of galleries and she is also available for commissioned pieces. I especially love her works with the flecks of gold.

Now, I just need to find an empty wall!