A Rose is a Rose

IMG_8126A rose is a rose is a rose. Or as William Shakespeare said, ” What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” There is just something about the smell of roses. And, they are the classic Valentine flower. Though, I would steer clear of a dozen red roses…so cliche. Roses mixed with tulips and hydrangeas or any other flower let the roses soar.

Perhaps something rose scented. The new RosaViola fragrance from Diptyque is divine. I’ll have to admit….I treated myself. The packaging inspired by Olympia Tan takes it over the top. But, the scent is still the star.IMG_0662Dark chocolate reigns supreme at our house and this dark chocolate-rose bar by L.A. based Compartes would send me to the moon!IMG_8168woa-embed-el-brunch-2-smallNever kiss and tell, but always have your lips “done”! Whether it’s the rose balm lipsticks from Aerin or Smith’s Rosebud Salve…you are kiss ready!

Wishing you bunches of roses from that special someone. Even if that someone is YOU!!!


Beauty at Home – Aerin Lauder

First there was Martha. Then Tory. Gwyneth. And, now Aerin. Lifestyle mavens that seem to have it all…and product lines to match. And, many of us, myself included, want a piece of their fairy dust. 
With the release of Aerin’s new book, Beauty at Home, I found myself flipping through the pages, learning about her life and lifestyle. And, though she does seem to lead a glamorous life, I have to respect her work ethic and the fact that she didn’t simply carry the mantle that could have been given to her. Much like her grandmother, Estee Lauder, she has blazed a new path and created a very appealing brand. Beauty, shoes, fragrance, candles, jewelry and home decor.
She has 2 sons. I have 2 sons. One son likes red….the other blue. Hmmmm, mine too. Monogrammed linens in their rooms? Check. Their hand painted pottery used as breakfast bowls? Check. Kidrobot is a favorite collectible? Check.

She has a dark, cozy room in her home. So do I. Hmmmm.

I love that she shares “never before” seen aspects of her homes in New York and the Hamptons. And, I really, really do love her approach to family, friends and creating a home based upon heritage and updated style. 

“Beauty is my heritage. Home is my passion.” – Aerin Lauder 

Her life has seemed very private, but I for one am really happy that she has pulled the curtain back, at least a little. It’s always fun to see how the other half lives.

This book is beautiful and has happily been added to my collection. And, I would definitely recommend it for you or to give as a gift. 

Here’s to living well…each and every day!

images: Simon Upton

What Strikes My Fancy

This girl is on fire!!! (Couldn’t resist a Grammy shout out to one of my favorite artists, Alicia Keys). Actually, I seem to be lighting things up a lot lately. Candles. Fireplaces. When everything outside my windows is swathed in white and the temps just won’t climb….the flicker of fire is comforting, soothing, warming.
And what is striking my fancy these days are these old fashioned match strikers. They seem so old Hollywood and elegant to me. As well as little sculptural works of art.

So…baby won’t you light my fire? What’s striking your fancy these days?