Artist to Watch – Jenn Thatcher

Render18I love discovering new artists!! Jenn Thatcher is an abstract artist and her work is captivating and energetic…I also love that she’s from Dallas.

I could see her work in my home and thought many of you might like her style, as well. Since her work speaks for itself, here it is!Render4 Render7 Render11 Render14 Render16Test Render17 Render19 Render20 Render21 Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.50.17 PMJenn’s work can be found in a couple of galleries and she is also available for commissioned pieces. I especially love her works with the flecks of gold.

Now, I just need to find an empty wall!


Art with Heart – Kerri Rosenthal

tip top through the tulipsTip Toe Through the Tulips

What could be more cheery on a cold, gray, winter day than colorful art (with heart) by the talented and prolific artist, Kerri Rosenthal?! I love how my Instagram feed was brightened by the work she was creating in the midst of the recent blizzard. I guess that’s what happens when an artist gets locked inside the house all day!!
tulip and a half                  Tulip And A Half

You may remember Kerri from the tulip paintings that we highlight each Spring or her now iconic “drippy heart” series which was most recently seen in Domino magazine (the one with Jessica Alba on the cover). Her work has appeared in numerous publications, such as The New York Times, Luxe Magazine, Traditional Home to name a few. I have friends locally who proudly display her work in their homes, but Kerri can ship anywhere! So, if you see something that catches your eye or you would like to commission something of your own, please reach out to Kerri!my blue mazeMy Blue Mazeperfect messPerfect Messmake your own sunshineMake Your Own Sunshineorange crushOrange CrushBrunoBrunofeelFeelbursting with loveBursting With Loveall of my loveAll of My Love

If you love her “hearts” as much as I do, contact Kerri for commissions by Feb 1 for Feb 14 delivery!


Bunches of Bunnies – Hunt Slonem

With Easter around the corner, I have bunnies on the brain. Bunches of bunnies! Such a fun motif to weave into your decor this season. And, the bunnies by Hunt Slonem have gone from collectable to attainable, with his collaboration of wallpapers and fabrics with Groundworks.

Hunt Slonem is an American artist, painter and sculptor well known for his works of butterflies (another favorite), rabbits and tropical birds. His work has appeared in the Guggenheim in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. 

And, if committing to a wall full of rabbits is a little much, you can enjoy Hunt’s specific form of artistic genius in his book, When Art Meets Design
Let’s hop into a new week!