Giving That Gives Back – Found My Animal

For pet owners, I think it’s definitely a toss up between who gets more out of the relationship. They definitely take work and dedication but I think the humans actually gain more out of the deal. I know that’s how I feel about our Molly. Known affectionately at our house as Smolly, Smolls, Precious, Princess and Ham Sandwich (because she’s a ham), she is loved by all of us. 
Since my day hasn’t really started until she and I head out for our morning walk, I have to admit I have acquired quite a few matching collars and leashes. But, another is in route as I write. I fell for these nautical-inspired styles by Found My Animal, a company based on good design principles as well as a passion for animal rescue. Yes, I ordered the pink. Surprise, surprise!

Walk your pet in style and know that in giving them a great look, you are helping give other animals a chance to be adopted. 

Are you a proud pet owner or animal lover?

Happy Birthday, Miss Molly!

What a great day for a birthday! 11-11-11!
As the only little girl in the house, Molly is pretty spoiled. Held, carried, fussed over. Yet, today, there will be even more of that, as she turns 1 year old. I never thought I’d be so crazy about a beautiful little puppy dog….but I’m completely smitten!!!
Happy Birthday, precious! And a happy weekend to all!!
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Pet Portraits – Happy Menocal

Do you have a 4 legged furry friend that you cherish? Or need a great gift for someone else who does? If If so, check out the work of Happy Menocal !

That’s my Molly in the first picture..which makes me very happy!! I’m sure Happy can make you happy, too!!