Sparkle for the Table

2015-fall-kim-seybert-laurel7mHello! Welcome to the final days of 2015.

Last week, I took a little time off to spend with family and just make the most of the merriment, but I sure missed being here. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and are winding down 2015, while gearing up for 2016. So many people I know are out of town this week, but I truly love being home. I’m cleaning out, getting organized and taking advantage of some prime family time.

With most of our friends out of town, I won’t be hosting a big NYE celebration, but if I was, I would absolutely be setting a table full of sparkle and glitter. It’s one night where “more is more”. Layer it on… the more glam the better.

I was admiring some tabletop items by Kim Seybert and then realized she has the most glamorous placemats, runners and napkin rings out there. Makes me want to have a party!!2015-fall-kim-seybert-mirror4m 2015-fall-kim-seybert-mirror3m 2015-fall-kim-seybert-fete6m 2015-fall-kim-seybert-diamond2m 2015-fall-kim-seybert-city-slickerm 2015-fall-kim-seybert-aurora2m

Are you hosting a fancy NYE celebration? Even if it’s just a party for 2, it’s the perfect night to pull out all the stops.

Here’s to ringing out the year in style!


Modern Mix by Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar

I am literally counting down the days until the much anticipated and already lauded book by Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar is in my hands! Modern Mix, which was highlighted in this month’s House Beautiful, will no doubt become a decorating and entertaining bible for me and anyone else who wants to take the way they approach style and living and turn up the volume. Way up!

Eddie and Jaithan are blowing the dust off all those flea market finds and sharing their secrets on how to breathe new life into heirloom treasures. And, they don’t stop there. 
No one…and I mean NO ONE does a table like Eddie. So, we are getting a master class with this book. I’ve experienced, up close, his certain brand of magic and like the most talented magician….he keeps surprising you and leaves you wondering, “How did he think of that?”
And, one of my favorite things about the style of these two gentlemen bon vivants is that stylish never means stuffy. Ever. There’s always a wink involved.

And, lucky for us, as a little teaser prior to the book coming out on September 1st, they have recently updated their website and it is chock full of visual gems.

Just be warned… might be on it for hours! Happy Weekend!

Cheers to the Weekend

It’s not every day that a girl gets Dom Perignon, so when friends brought some to dinner it was indeed a special treat!! Normally, I fill my glass with Veuve, but even I had to admit that this bottle tasted especially delicious. 
Since every weekend is cause for celebration, I think offering a glass to your guests is always a great way to start a party. Straight up. Garnished with berries. Perhaps a pretty straw (more for decoration). In a vintage coupe. With a sprig of lavender. You really don’t have to do much to champagne to make it appear festive and celebratory. Regardless of the brand.

So, here’s to you and the weekend ahead! May it be one to remember.