Boombox – The Gift of Love

How many times have you found yourself trying to think of a truly memorable gift for someone’s milestone birthday, graduation, anniversary or new baby? And coming up empty handed.

I know I have. And, I’ve often resorted to giving the same ‘ole things.

Last year, I was invited to participate in a thoughtful group gift for a friend’s 40th birthday. All I needed to do was send the organizer a short message for our friend. She typed them all up and presented them in a beautiful box. 

Boom…..a lifetime of memories, good times, inside jokes and loving sentiments came to life as our friend read them one by one. Can you just imagine how you’d feel? Touched. Overwhelmed. Loved.

Well, that organizer was Christina Geist and in collaboration with her business partner, Todd True, she has brought this simple yet powerful idea to the world in the form of Boombox
Everything is done online. You start your project by selecting a box that reflects the style of your recipient. Invite those you want to participate, and they can even pass the invite along to others you may not know. Then, the team at Boombox takes over. They’ll follow up with everyone, format the messages and photos with a graphic designer’s eye and lovingly package everything for delivery to you or whomever you choose.
No two boxes will be the same. Each is a unique gift of love. 
The only thing you might want to give along with the Boombox is a box of tissues…because there’s going to be a lot of tears. The good kind.

Dads and Grads

Time to think about the men in your life. 

The ones that are just heading out into the big world and the ones who are heads of the family. So, today, I’m sharing two of my favorite “made in America” companies that produce cool products for guys.

The first is This Is Ground…based in L.A. I think they are brilliant at creating cool, organization tools, so I have their cord tacos and cord organizer in silver. But, how cute is this limited edition Father’s Day cord taco set? It’s only available until June 19th or when they sell out…whichever comes first. It’s a great way to wrap up all those cords you plug into your iPhone or other devices.

 Then, there’s the Leggett brothers from Eden, TX with their company, White Wing Label, that creates luggage and equipment with all American materials and a lifetime guarantee.

You can personalize any of their products…I gave several of my favorite guys these notepads embossed with their initials.

 For your beer loving fella (of legal age, of course), give him these cool leather coozies along with a chilled 6 pack of his favorite brew.

Above all, let them know how much you appreciate them! 

We’re glad we have Dads and Grads!

Graduation Gift Ideas

Lately, I’ve had lots of requests for ideas for graduation gifts. You can always personalize something for someone, but there are two gifts that always seem to have impact. Words of wisdom and hard earned cash.

For grads of any age, I love these sweet picture books that espouse words of encouragement. We gave the above book to our 10 year old and each of us who attended his “graduation” from lower school wrote a note inside. It’s filled with quotes from Confucius and Plato to Wayne Gretzky and Eleanor Roosevelt. The type of things that you can turn to whenever you need a little boost.

For those headed to college, the practical and the inspiring.
To make this gift more special, hand write a note and include your favorite quote, then laminate it as a bookmark to be placed inside the book. Punch a hole in the top and tie with a ribbon.
When it comes to giving money, I love these creative ideas, that show you put some thought into the delivery. Make a box of “sweets” from a chocolate box, folding the money in various shapes.

Or, if you will be with the graduate, confetti balloons stuffed with rolls of bills will surely put a smile on their face. They may not always remember who gave them $ but they’ll always remember who gave them confetti filled balloons!

Leave it to Hallmark to have the perfect words to write in a graduation card. You can see that article here.
As the graduation announcements begin to flow in, I am taken back to when I graduated from high school and the many, many gifts and letters that I received…many times from people who I didn’t really know but who knew me. I think of them as I pay it forward.
Hats off to the class of 2015…it’s your time to soar!
images: balloons by sugar and charm