If I Lived in London…


…I think I’d like to live in a neighborhood like this. 

While strolling through the neighborhoods of Knightsbridge and Chelsea, each entry was prettier than the next. Talk about making a great first impression. Glossy black doors seemed the most popular, so many of these are variations on a theme.

Couldn’t resist snapping a few extra photos of this charming area. 

Even my favorite Parisian chocolatier has an outpost here!

I went to London for the history and came away being awed by its beauty, charm…and curb appeal!

Which entrance is your favorite?

Home Sweet Home

Good Monday morning, everyone!! How was your weekend? Ours was great…that perfect combination of family time and seeing friends. Flag football games and work around the house. Dinner in the city and a fundraiser in the “burbs”. Exercise and relaxation. Balance in all areas.
Today, I am thrilled to be sharing more about our home for a special blogger series hosted by my friend, Tina, of the fabulously inspiring blog,  The Enchanted Home!! Come on over and see what’s new. The family room is currently undergoing some changes….even a color change that might surprise you!! You’ll get a glimpse into the new playroom…not yet completed. And, hear what I’d do to the house if money was no object!

No, things are not blooming in this area yet….except the daffodils, but these are my favorite exterior photos of the house. I keep telling myself….soon, things will bloom, soon!

So, what’s your favorite spot in your home? Where would I find you on any given day? Come on….we’re friends, you can share!

Wall Flower

With our renovation behind us (along with the dust that accompanies it) and the holidays approaching, I thought it was time I dealt with our bland entryway. Like a typical 1940s home, I have a fairly modest entryway…no cathedral ceiling, no big open area. Just a narrow hallway and a staircase.

After following the talented team of Tilton Fenwick, who ALWAYS seem to be wallpapering and a consultation with design darling, Lisa, of Hamptontoes….I knew the one thing I could do to give this area some panache was to try wallpaper.

Unlike paint, it’s not that easy to change and it is not inexpensive….so I have had the paper for a while, but not the nerves. Not until last week.

Here’s the BEFORE.

Here’s the AFTER, with a Zoffany wallpaper from the Lalika collection. Big, bold wall flowers!

We carried the paper up to the 3rd floor, which really ties things together. There are 11 rooms that feed off the center staircase, so staying with a neutral color way, allowed me to add some interest without overpowering the house.

Relationships with homes are a funny thing….just like relationships with people, they seem to evolve. In this case, I just needed to be willing to go outside my comfort zone.

What’s your relationship with your home? How about wallpaper? Love it, leave it or somewhere in between?