Glamorous Retreats

Jan Showers knows glamour. 
And in her newly released 2nd book, Glamorous Retreats, Jan gives us a peek at some of the most spectacular vacation homes, never before seen, that she has done for clients around the globe.  It’s a journey that will delight and inspire you. Let’s just say, if I was ever lucky enough to have a “retreat”, Jan would be at the top of my dream list of interior designers!
Pack your virtual suitcase…let’s travel.
Bachelor Gulch, Co
Crested Butte
Glen Rose, TX
Harbour Island
Harbour Island
Marin County
Palm Beach
Just for grins….which retreat and location would you choose?

photography by Jeff McNamara

It’s Only Fitting…

…that the winner (via of the give away of Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers is…..

the very glamorous Zhush. For those of you who know Sue – she’s a magnet for all that glitters and is stylish! And, the girl has been on a roll in regards to give aways! So, I guess the lucky streak continues, Sue! Did you get your lotto ticket this weekend?

For those who don’t know what the Zhush is all about, check her out here! I promise, she’ll add some zest to your day!

And, as I wrap up my posts on the much admired Jan Showers, I’ll share the answer to one more question I had for her:

Pretty Pink Tulips:
The white cowhide is one of your signatures. How did you come to use it?

Jan Showers:
I was in Santa Fe in August — we used to go there every summer, for many years — the house we leased was wonderful, but dark. I went over to the market at the Santa Fe Opera grounds and found a man who was selling them. I bought one (or two) for every room and completely lightened up the entire house — along with white linens which I bought at a cute shop downtown.  Of course, I shipped them home and have used them ever since. (This happened in the mid nineties). They have become a trademark of mine (we sell them through the Jan Showers Collection) and I will admit I am addicted to their magic. Not only that, they are incredibly durable and practical.

I am fortunate to have been to Santa Fe a number of times and the market Jan refers to. In fact, I have a beautiful carved angel from there that hangs above my bed. Always reminding me of the special times spent there with my friends. I think I see a Santa Fe post in my future!

What have your found to add some zest or light to your home?
xo, Elizabeth

Jan Showers ~ Showering Us with Glamorous Inspiration and a Giveaway!

A fellow Dallasite, I have been a long time admirer of Jan Showers. I have tear sheets dating back years from Elle Decor, Southern Accents and any number of other shelter magazines. So, it was with great delight that I learned she was compiling some of her best work into a book, Glamorous Rooms.

In fact, I was so excited, that I asked my husband if we could spend part of our anniversary attending her book signing at Bergdorf Goodman’s last fall. The man is a saint…..he said YES! So, that’s how I got my signed copy of Jan’s beautiful book!

me with Jan at Bergdorf Goodman, November 2009
Not feeling completely satisfied (even after reading a great interview about her in 1st Dibs), I asked Jan if she would share a couple of her favorite rooms (click the photos to enlarge) with us and some words of wisdom. Lucky for us….she said YES!


Pretty Pink Tulips: 
What is on your inspiration board right now?
Jan Showers:
My inspiration board has a wonderful page from the May issue of Vogue —Grace Coddington and I were both dreaming about blues and greens!  I was doing a table for our show house at the new Ritz Tower in Dallas with lots of green, blue and turquoise glass.  I was thumbing through my new Vogue and saw that Grace had done something very similar.  Color drives everything I do, so I am incredibly inspired by a particular acid green that looks great with turquoise and blues.

Pretty Pink Tulips:
What was the first piece you ever designed? What prompted you to create it?
Jan Showers:
The first piece I ever designed was the Manhattan Table. It was designed because I am an avid reader of books and magazines and they would stack up beside my bed or on the floor around sofas and chairs. I wanted something handsome that would store them. The first one was without a drawer, but we had so many requests for a drawer (particularly if by a bed) that we added one to the Collection.
Manhattan Table
Pretty Pink Tulips:
What is your favorite piece in the new Collection and why?
Jan Showers:
My favorite piece in the new 2010 Collection is the Carlyle Console.  I was inspired by a wonderful piece I saw many years ago at Liz O’Brien’s in New York. It stayed in my head all of these years —I love it because it is inspired by very traditional English Regency pieces and yet is so new and fresh using the elements of Lucite, mirror with a luscious parchment finish (one of our two new finishes).  It would work beautifully in a dining room, living room or entry hall (as a matter of fact, I want one for my entry in Dallas).
Carlyle Console
Pretty Pink Tulips:
You have said that you take some of your design cues from movies ~ which movie would best describe your homes?
Jan Showers:
That would be almost impossible to say because both of my houses would be a combination of 50 different movies!! I can tell you some of my favorite movies from an interiors viewpoint…any movie from the 1940s, all Alfred Hitchcock movies, The Talented Mr. Ripley (love the outdoor areas where they always eat or have drinks al fresco — that movie inspired us to buy our townhouse in Dallas because of it’s amazing courtyard). I am really looking forward to the new Tilda Swinton movie, I Am Love because it features a fabulous house in Milan.
Pretty Pink Tulips:
What are the most important elements that every home should have?
Jan Showers:
The most important elements a home should have are:
  1. Comfort
  2. Wonderful colors
  3. Glamour
  4. Something completely unexpected
Pretty Pink Tulips:
Where do you recommend clients splurge versus save?
Jan Showers:
I recommend that clients splurge on buying the best furniture pieces and lamps that they can afford and tell clients to save on drapery fabric because there are so many wonderful ones that are not expensive.  I think people very often think they have to spend too much on both drapery and upholstery fabric — not so.  I would rather have a fabulous French forties bergere and upholster it in something less expensive than to have a bad reproduction that will end up being thrown out or given away within a short period of time.  Buy the best and buy less — remember the old Chinese saying — “Buy the best and only cry once”!
Showering One of You with Jan’s Inspiration!
And, if you want more of Jan’s glamorous inspiration, become a follower and leave me a comment (by Friday at midnight) for a chance to win your own, personalized copy of Jan’s book, Glamorous Rooms! I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday!

Jan, you are as beautiful as your interiors! Thank you for showering us with your talents and so much more!

What’s on your inspiration board right now?
xo, Elizabeth

P.S. Special, heartfelt thanks go out to Karen Wayman & Jennifer McLochlin