Monograms – Kyle Bunting Style

Leave it to Texan Kyle Bunting to blaze a trail in monogramming. On cowhides. 

I know many of you prefer your cows in the pastures, but for those who like a touch (no pun intended) of cow in their home, I think these are pretty cool.

Which style mooooves you the most? I’m a fan of the circular block myself.

Cool Cow Hides

Cowhides are showing up in all types of design…contemporary, traditional…they just add a certain texture and pizazz to a room, don’t they?
Yet, nothing I have seen compares to the electric colors and original designs by Texan, Kyle Bunting. These are the rock stars of cowhides. Bright. Bold. Patterned.
Kyle is literally redefining how hides are used in design.
I first saw Kyle’s work in Jan Shower’s book Glamorous Rooms. Then, a friend bought one of Kyle’s rugs for her entryway. SO COOL.
I know cowhides in any design may not be every one’s cup of tea, but if they are….these are definitely worth perusing.
Move ’em on, head ’em up, head’ em up, move ’em on…..Rawhide! Have a great weekend, everyone!!