4 Favorites – Stationery

DSC_9938_4x4In honor of National Letterwriting Month, I wanted to give a shout out to 4 of my favorite stationery companies. All women owned and all small businesses.

Haute Papier is my go-to for personalized notepads and stationery with stylish liners. This month they’ve upped the ante with collections of vintage stamps that will dress up your snail mail. I’m snagging the Space Exploration set for letters to my oldest son….he’s a SpaceX fan and dreams of working for NASA.Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 3.34.30 PMDSC_9932_4x4-1Bell’Invito creates the most exquisite stationery…both bespoke and boxed. Heather Wise Alexander has continued to raise the bar on stylish papers. If you want a mind-blowing bespoke creation (perhaps a wedding, baby announcement or very special occasion), this is where I would go.Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.04.53 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.53.09 PMAnother favorite that I have in my own stationery wardrobe is Sugar Paper. I was thrilled to visit their jewel box of a shop in LA this summer, as they had designed one of my favorite notecard sets. Their quality papers are dotted with charming, feminine designs.

Sugar-Paper-Perfect-Thank-You-Blog_grande Unknown-5_1024x1024Finally, one of my favorites for greeting cards is 9th Letter Press. I love their whimsical style and enjoy receiving their Confetti Courier each month with a selection of cards for the season. They also do custom design work for personal and business.20161207-IMG_7863_45060d2c-282f-4130-a23f-f8c112462071_1440x640Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.44.06 PMNo matter your writing style….write often and select a stationery that you’ll be excited to use!


National Letter Writing Month

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If you’ve been thinking you should write more handwritten notes….now is the time! As today kicks off National Letter Writing Month, some people are taking the challenge to write 30 notes in 30 days. That might be just the kind of challenge you need. What a great incentive to send a short note, postcard or letter to people that matter to you.

Surprise someone you see every day with a sweet note. Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Thank a teacher or someone who has helped you in your job search. Write a fun note of thanks inside a bill to a favorite vendor. There are a million ways to reach out.

Here are simple things I do that make it easy to get that note from intention to mailbox.

  1. Keep a stash of fun cards and personalized stationery in a handy spot.
  2. Always have stamps on hand…just order them if you don’t have time to get to the post office.
  3. Address the envelope before a big night out…that way, all you have to do is write the note and slip it inside.
  4. Treat yourself to a self inking address stamp and colorful pens.

3b95a580067064306d293fe4c7f5561eaeda0ff214a4d5767bbfd05864ad1792 da19e7e178f2c50af27ce83723da19b1At the end of the day, don’t over think it! Two lines of humor, written in your handwriting, on your personalized stationery will mean more to someone than an email or text. Just do it!


Signed Sealed Delivered

Who knew?! April is National Letter Writing Month and I for one am happy to play along! I popped a couple of notes in the mail today. 
One was a thank you note on my favorite Sugar Paper customized notecards (hot pink envelope!) and another was a bill. But, I’ve learned it’s so unexpected and much more fun to write a little note that accompanies my payment, especially if you know the vendor.
The ever charming producer of affordable, chic stationery, May Designs, is offering 50% off their notecards through next Monday. Get ’em while you can!!! Remember to stock up for upcoming graduations and birthdays. 
Another small printer, Egg Press, is so excited to encourage you to pick up your pens, they are offering a FREE kit of 4 letterpress cards. 2 from Egg Press and 2 from Hello!Lucky. Click here to learn how you can get them. Each of the cards will have instructions on how your recipient can receive their free kit and so on and so on.

Finally, I love a great stamp. It’s like a one inch piece of art and can really set off your letter. Jimi Hendrix, whose music I honestly don’t know well, just came out…and I have to say it does look pretty cool! What else can you get for 49 cents?!

So, whether you write 1 letter this month or 30….just know that you’re sending out something positive in the world. Clip an article that someone would like (thanks, Mom!), write out a recipe, doodle something funny or wax poetic.

Sign it, seal it and get it delivered. I promise you’ll make someone’s day!