Almost Cinco de Mayo

Are you as ready for Friday as I am?! I was actually deep in the heart of Texas this past week, helping my mom. She was in a serious car accident and spent 2 weeks in the hospital and will have a long road of healing ahead. There was a silver lining though. I love “going home” and when do you actually get 6 uninterrupted days with your mother? Pretty much the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me. But, as I was there to help out and not to hang out….I didn’t have a single TexMex meal. Not a one. Unless you count the spicy guacamole I kept bringing back from Whole Foods. I have a thing about guacamole. You could say I’m addicted. 

Which is why it just seems perfect, as this weekend is upon us, to give a little nod to my Texas roots and give a shout out for Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas, anyone?!

Do you like your tacos mild or spicy? Margaritas on the rocks or frozen? Beer with a lime or a lime fresca (you gotta try this recipe)? Whatever your desire…..I hope your weekend is hot, hot, hot!!!

images: bar taco, terrain, meaning of pie