Life is a Masquerade

One of my dear friends hopped the pond to attend a special birthday extravaganza at Hampton Court, outside of London. The former home of Henry VIII! A masquerade. 
Once I got a peek at the photos, I knew that you had to see them. This was not just a party. It was an experience. The historical setting. The nod to the birthday girl’s heritage with oranges, blue and white and delft houses. Signature drinks and masked servers. I’ve always dreamed of attending a masquerade, a la Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball….and now I’ve seen it done in a modern way. Oh, what a night it must have been!

With Halloween just around the corner, masks are on my mind…and this shows just how elegantly they can be worn. Everything looks better in black tie, don’t you think?

Every party, no matter how large or small, has a few special ingredients. Anticipation. Attention to detail. And, something unexpected. The next time you plan a party, keep these things in mind and you are sure to throw a successful celebration.

Have you ever been to a masquerade? I’d love to know!

images: James Yeats-Brown

S B Long Interiors

A short while back, I had the privilege of touring a friend’s recently completed new home. Her previous home had been beautifully done, so I knew this would be fun. I had no idea. I. Was. Blown. Away. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this photo of the mudroom, which is where I entered. Wow!
The tour continued, with my jaw firmly affixed to the ground. Every room stunning. Transitions from room to room seamless. Thoughtful details throughout. And I was immediately intrigued about the interior designer, Susan Bednar Long. Little did I realize that I had seen her award winning designs in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful,  Luxe Magazine and D Magazine. Susan has left the East Coast for my hometown of Dallas, Texas and she is racking up the accolades.

Like witnessing a perfectly choreographed ballet, there is a combination of excitement and awe that comes over you when you walk through a home that is so incredibly designed. The perfect blend of livable comfort and artistic delight. A designer like Susan makes it look so easy. You and I both know it is not.

How do you strike the balance between comfort and aesthetics?

If I Lived in London…


…I think I’d like to live in a neighborhood like this. 

While strolling through the neighborhoods of Knightsbridge and Chelsea, each entry was prettier than the next. Talk about making a great first impression. Glossy black doors seemed the most popular, so many of these are variations on a theme.

Couldn’t resist snapping a few extra photos of this charming area. 

Even my favorite Parisian chocolatier has an outpost here!

I went to London for the history and came away being awed by its beauty, charm…and curb appeal!

Which entrance is your favorite?