Lux Holdups – Lucite Designs

il_570xn-757139583_97rnI came across an article I had torn out of the Wall Street Journal and it (along with a conversation with a friend in search of some lucite curtain rods) prompted me to share this today. Lux Holdups, created by Ashley Platt in 2013, is creating stylish and useful lucite home decor. Think curtain rods, towel rods, side tables, closet tabs, drawer pulls….or anything else you can dream up that is clear and shiny!

To the trade or directly to you, Ashley and her team are creating lucite fashions at their factory in Brooklyn, NY. il_570xn-739621583_f379 il_570xn-742575606_d3nqil_570xn-1004616762_hupu il_570xn-739575973_i3v5 il_570xn-815419505_ep8v il_570xn-923094635_eu2k il_570xn-945424212_bd97 il_570xn-1107924417_ps29It’s clear to me that Ashely is really on to something!


Cool & Colorful – Sawyer Collection


Perhaps it is the perpetual gray days that has me craving color. Or it might just be the super chic collection by Dallas based Sawyer Collection, created by the mother/daughter duo of Kim and Sawyer Bannister.

They have cleverly taken lucite to a new level, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces from bookends, to bowls and objets. You can choose a color infused tic-tac-toe game or a candy dish that is as delicious as anything you might fill it with. In other words….conversation pieces.Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.09.39 PM IMG_0822-683x1024 IMG_0845-683x1024 Sawyer-LLandPhoto-43-1024x683 Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.10.09 PM SUKI00301-1024x683 SUKI0329-1024x683 SUKI0446-1024x683 SUKI0842-2-1024x683 SUKI0851-2-1024x683 SUKI1003-2-683x1024 SUKI1054-2-1024x683 SUKI02481-1024x683

I especially love the juxtaposition that they create in a traditional or formal space. I know pink is my obvious choice, but I’m thinking I might need to jazz up my own interiors with a shot of an unexpected color.

Let’s battle those gray days….one chic, colorful piece at a time!