Shop to Know – The Maryn

bedroomWhat is it about the water that we find so calming?

Well, Michelle Adams, of Domino fame, has recently launched a new business, The Maryn (meaning of the sea), which celebrates all the best aspects of laid-back seaside holiday. Michelle believes that we can bring those elements into our homes so that we can breathe, unwind and get back to our roots.

Michelle sought inspiration from her favorite seaside spots: Sausalito, Montauk, the south of France and the shores of Lake Michigan.

She’s partnered with favorite artists and makers, such as Caitlin McGauley and Julie Terestman to offer exclusive prints, textiles and ceramics. There is a lot to love and it’s the type of things you’ll have forever. As a magazine editor, Michelle found that “trends are fleeting, so I’ve curated pieces that are here to stay.”TheMaryn_CamilleStyles-7FURNITURE hero_lifestyle static1.squarespace-1 static1.squarespace-2 static1.squarespace-3 static1.squarespace-4 static1.squarespaceAnd, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of red, white and blue…which seemed appropriate today.

Check out The Maryn…there’s a lot to love!


Correspondence Crush

Always on the lookout for stylish stationery, I was thrilled to find something new in the “hot off the web” issue of LONNY magazine.
Always in the know, Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Adams highlighted stationery from Mr. Boddington’s Studio…so I had to learn more.
Whether you need to announce the arrival of a new bundle of joy, want to set a cheeky tone at your rehearsal dinner or just drop a posh note in the mail….this is a source to consider. Just look at those liners!
You have a signature style….what’s your signature stationery?
images: LONNY, Mr. Boddinton’s Studio