New Years Eve – Farewell 2016

As we wrap up another year (they go faster and faster!), I have looked back at all the experiences and visits with family and friends during 2016.

Hospitality is something that I have always enjoyed and embraced and last New Years Eve I had the pleasure of welcoming one of my dearest friends and her family to our home. It was not one of my most original parties, as we decided last minute to pull it together, but sometimes that is freeing. It really doesn’t have to be perfect…just heartfelt.

And, it’s also a lesson in having party supplies at hand. Because you never know when you might get to host an impromptu soiree! And, holidays come around every year, so don’t fret if you don’t get to use those sparklers or streamers or great cocktail napkins this year. You can use them next year. As they say, success is when preparation meets opportunity. And, that’s the way to have a successful party….always be prepared!img_7961 img_7966 I hope that you had numerous reasons to celebrate this year and that the year ahead brings joy, adventure and many good times!

Happy New Year to all!


New Year’s Eve Celebration

new-years-champs-1024x1024The countdown to 2017 is on. But, it’s not too late to organize a little sparkly celebration to wrap up the year and bring in the new. Last year, I ended up hosting an impromptu gathering with out-of-town friends and it was one of our most fun nights of the holidays. So….it’s always good to have party essentials on hand.

Here are some of the adorable items you won’t find at Party City. il_570xn-889561703_4rptBubbly Bar available hereil_570xn-1038156565_oq3u-1Pop Fizz Clink cups hereil_570xn-1069726126_cxaxil_570xn-1116306877_jh632017 straws and toppers available hereil_570xn-1075559654_pmwe il_570xn-1144404689_hndk il_570xn-1144697387_3mimGlitter cupcake toppers here

Whether it’s a party for 2 or 200….bring in 2017 with sparkle and style! Happy almost New Year’s!


Raise A Glass to 2015

valentine champs

When we think of New Year’s, champagne usually comes to mind. Perhaps you like it, perhaps you don’t…but you might just sip some bubbly on New Year’s Eve. When I think of champagne, I think of celebrations. Large and small. Minute and magnificent. Life is, after all, to be celebrated!

As I look back on 2015, I was touched to see how many celebrations I marked with friends and family…Valentine’s, birthdays (mine and others), lunches with blog friends at Bergdorf Goodman, dinners at the Polo Bar, backyard parties with neighborhood friends, a post Modern Mix luncheon celebration, a sunny summer soiree in Seattle, holidays and more. But, you won’t find me drinking champagne by myself. That’s part of the connection and the celebration. I enjoy the clinking of the glasses and the making of toasts. IMG_5588 IMG_5682_2no champs st paddys IMG_6485 champs in seattle IMG_5889 IMG_6628 birthday champs champs at home IMG_6249 IMG_6650 champs napkins IMG_6029 IMG_5963 IMG_5550 halloween champsnew years champs

So, here’s to YOU!!! May you look back on 2015 with fondness and ahead to 2016 with hope. And, above all, I encourage you to celebrate. Every. Single. Day. However you like. As for me….I’ll have a glass of champagne with an orange twist!

Cheers! May this coming year be your best ever!


editors note: This is in no way a sponsored post by Verve Clicquot….they just happen to be my “go to” brand!