Your Personal Month-At-A-Glance

Happy New Year, everyone!!!! We’ve made it to 2015 and though I haven’t quite formulated my plan for the year, one thing that I’m determined to do is to capture mine a little more closely, as I’m finding that bits of emphemera can really jog my memory and remind me of what I have done or accomplished. 

One way to capture your year is in a snapshot. I’ve been inspired by two creative minds…Kelly Wearstler, who creates inspiration trays for her design projects (like the one above) and Newell Turner, Editor-in-Chief of House Beautiful, who creates a monthly snapshot of this and that for his Editor’s Letter page.

If you’re curious as to what is behind the October snapshot on Newell’s Editor’s Letter page, go here! It’s really quite fascintating.

I truly believe our lives are infinity more interesting than we really believe or know. And, capturing it can help you see that. Last year, I made a list of places I’d like to go, such as museum exhibits, plays, vacations spots, sporting events….you name it, and when I look back at the many things I did, I do feel like I accomplished something. Living well!

Here’s the snapshot I created of 2014, though incomplete, and it made me realize that if I do something similar for each month, it will create a short pictorial of the places I’ve been, restaurants I’ve tried, plays I’ve seen, special occasions celebrated and a life enjoyed.

Why don’t you join me? Find a little spot that you can stash knick knacks, ticket stubs, playbills, restaurant menus, etc….then take a quick photo at the end of each month and share it on Instagram or just keep it for yourself. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at all you do, experience and accomplish in 2015.

Now, let’s go make it a great year!

Renovation Diary: An “A-Ha” moment

Inspiration is all around us, but when it’s time to make a commitment to something, I think we all can be a little nervous. Is there something better? Will I love it in 5 years? Or 10? 
Last week at Blogfest, House Beautiful Editor-In-Chief, Newell Turner asked us to share our “A-Ha” moments…so I thought I would share the process of creating our new powder bath and the “A-Ha” moment that started it all. 
Our new powder bath will be used primarily by our sons and their friends. It is located just outside their new playroom on a 2nd floor. For this reason, I wanted it to be functional, but I didn’t want to compromise on style.
Instead of focusing on wallpaper, like I did on our primary powder bath, I looked down for inspiration. I started with floor tile before shopping for anything else. And, once I committed to this fun, Moroccan style, everything else fell into place.

So, my “A-Ha” takeaway is this…When you’re faced with a new project, find one aspect that you love…and build everything else around that. It doesn’t have to be in the most obvious place to make an impact.

It’s just design…have fun with it!

Blogfest 2012: Kravet+Hearst

Day Two of Blogfest 2012 began on the 44th floor of Hearst Tower, which has been in this exact location for over 100 years! To be in the building where the creative juices flow at these venerable shelter magazines is just incredible!

Our blogging community is like a little virtual village of like minded design enthusiasts….so, one of the joys of Blogfest is the opportunity to meet and mingle with those who we “follow”, email and admire online.

Kate Kelly Smith, SVP Publishing Director, Hearst Design Group gave us the background on our host company, Kravet Inc., as well as updated us on all the recent accolades bestowed upon House Beautiful! As you can see, tweeting during the event is encouraged!

Beth Greene, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Branding for Kravet…aka “The Mastermind behind Blogfest”!

Jennifer Levene Bruno, Publisher of Veranda, introducing 
Dara Caponigro, Veranda’s phenomenal Editor-In-Chief. 

Dara walked us through the May/June issue of Veranda and introduced us to top designers, Darryl Carter and Timothy Whealon, whose projects grace this month’s pages (Timothy’s project is on the cover). Darryl’s road to design included a previous life as an attorney, while Timothy did a stint on Wall St before finding his passion in design. So, for all of you out there wanting to make a career change….let them be your inspiration!

My personal thanks to Dara for being so approachable and giving us insight into the projects included in this month’s issue.

Next on the agenda was an incredible panel of “Next Wave” designers (Michael Herold, Jill Goldberg & Jon Call) with House Beautiful Editor-In-Chief, Newell Turner. Our topic was “A-Ha” moments and how the magazine choses projects to be published. 

They always ask themselves…”Would I want to be there?” and look for a unique point of view. Newell showed us scouting photos and then how a project came to life in an actual magazine photo shoot. They work hard not to tamper with a designer’s vision or a homeowner’s lifestyle. They just try to bring in the best lighting and take the space to the next level with flowers and tablescapes.

One of the biggest rewards in blogging are the friendships that are made. I’m always thrilled to spend time with my real life blogging pals, Lisa Erlich of Hamptontoes and Sue De Chiara of The Zhush!

Thank you Hearst & Kravet for a truly memorable day!