Get Organized – Custom Bulletin Boards

Do you have a command central in your home? I honestly didn’t…until recently.

My boys are always asking me what they have on their schedule or what we’re having for dinner, so I thought to post things right by our mudroom entrance was key. This custom bulletin board by LG Designs (natural raffia with the skinny black lacquered frame) allows me to do it a really chic way.

So far, my boys love it. Even my husband likes it. I post our weekly schedule, something inspirational, something related to current events and a “thought for the week”.

I’ve admired these bulletin boards for years, ever since I saw some examples at Madison, in Dallas’ Highland Park Village
You can design your customized board by selecting:
1.  Board material (raffia or burlap in a variety) 
2.  Frame color and material (metal, wood, lacquer)
3.  Thread color, font, and motif/monogram/word
So, if getting organized is still on your “to do” list, check out the many options that Gina offers at LG Designs

Organized never looked so good!

Back to School Organization for YOU

Hooray….it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school!! Don’t get me wrong…I L-O-V-E Summer. The lazy days. The warmth. Time outside. But, at some point, it’s time to get back to business and that means getting my boys back to school and all of us into a routine. 

In addition to getting my boys’ their school supplies, I’ve decided it’s time to refresh my own desk and get a little more organized. Back to School is more of an attitude than an actual event to me. 

First off, loving these brand new stationery sets by Jennifer Vallez for Sugar Paper. They are just begging to be written on and sent in the mail. 

Additionally, the sweet folks at Sugar Paper just created their own line of brass desk accessories. Like bling for your workspace.

One of my favorite bloggers turned entrepreneur is Meg Biram. She has dedicated herself to the field of organization and productivity and has developed her own line of GSD (Get Stuff* Done) tools. *That’s how this nice Southern gal says it.

This simple little post it pad forces you to pick your Top 3 most important things to do today. Love that. Narrow it down and GET IT DONE!
For those of you lucky enough to have a few more weeks of Summer….just circle back to this when you’re ready to focus, but for those of you who have kids starting school today…enjoy! 

You might get a few more things done today!

images: Waiting on Martha (pennant available there), Rustic White for Waiting on Martha, Meg Biram, Sugar Paper

Nicely Noted – For Those on Your “Nice” List

In between basting and roasting, I’ll be jotting down ideas for holiday gifts. And, this is one I had to share with all of you! One of my resolutions this year was to do a better job of remembering birthdays. How great do YOU feel when someone remembers your special day and actually manages to get a card to you by that day? In other words….they were organized and on top of it!

Here’s a way that you can do that, not only for yourself, but someone you know who loves 1) organization 2) birthdays 3) letterpress.

Nicely Noted, which has been heralded by Martha Stewart, O Magazine, The Today Show and many others, is a subscription notecard service that sends an edited/curated selection of letterpress notecards with stamps each month. I’ve been subscribing for the past year, and always look forward to those little packets. I’m always ready with the perfect card. 

Now, Nicely Noted has upped the ante with their new Card Organizer. The organizer, which is comprised of lucite, has a birthday calendar directly on top, so that you can keep everyone’s birthdates in one place. 

The organizer comes in 3 different formats.
1. Stocked ($65), includes 4 letterpress cards + stamps
2. Fully Stocked ($110), includes 12 letterpress cards + stamps
3. Overstocked ($225), includes 12 letterpress cards + stamps + a 6 month subscription service
So, make a note of all the special birthdays you know coming up…and get yourself organized. How nice is that?!!
Now, bake to your baking and basting! Wishing you and yours the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!