Best Party Supplies (and Ideas)

April-Fools1Did that first image make you smile? Yea….me, too! It’s an idea for an April Fool’s Day prank by the creative, zany folks at Oh Happy Day. Known for out-of-the-box (sometimes literally) ideas, this is one of the best places I’ve found for party supplies that you may not see everywhere else.

So, if you are looking for some original items to make your next party the one everyone is talking about…this is your source.clearpinata_01 image-3-resizedrainbow_box1_Blog party-shop-ad-2It’s the weekend. Time to celebrate!


Party Means Piñata!

As the weather begins to warm up and we all want to be outside more….I can’t help but think of outdoor parties. That leads me to one of the all time great party components. The piñata!!!!

And, they don’t just have to be for Cinco de Mayo anymore. You can spell out names, have a table runner, a number or a character. Katie Franklin has made a business out of it….check out her site here.

What is more fun than letting your guests take a swing at a festive piñata and having candy or small gifts spill out everywhere?!

Did you take a swing at a piñata as a kid? Super fun! 
Think like a kid when you plan your next party! Order a piñata!

Smiles Guaranteed

So you’re having a party. And, you need to jazz it up. Add confetti!!! You can throw it, drop it in an envelope for a fun surprise or decorate your tables with it. Kind of whatever you feel like.
I love the confetti bombs I found from Knot & Bow. Based in Brooklyn, NY, this charming company sells a curated collection of stationery, party supplies and paper. Basically everything you need to spice up your party or your mail. My kind of place!

And, if nothing else…..surprise your kids on the last day of school, the first day of camp, or on a rainy day with a shower of confetti. 

Smiles guaranteed!