Dallas Blooms

7091_HR12Spring in Dallas is one of the prettiest seasons I know. Everything is blooming! It’s especially poignant for me because I now live in the Northeast, where things won’t be blooming for another month of so.

Dallas Blooms, which is happening now through April 10th, was named one of the country’s Best Spring Floral Festivals by Fodors in 2015. This year’s theme is The Artistry in Nature, featuring the life-size sculptures of inspirational figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Claude Monet and Benjamin Franklin, as part of Gary Lee Price’s The Great Contributors collection.

Over 100 types of bulbs, totaling over 500,000 blooms make a layered and dazzling display.Blooms_edit2_Snapseed111 CRW_2004a DallasArboretum-DallasBlooms21 DSC_0014_edit1 img_9692-lr4_srgb-1If life leads you to Dallas this Spring, don’t miss this amazing show of blooms!


Spring is Knocking at the Door

2369501_front_596I think Spring is making a run for an early arrival! Children were out playing yesterday (sans coats) and I’m afraid my tulips are peeking up through the ground. This should be cause for celebration, but when things don’t happen as expected (even when those things are good things), it can throw you off.

So, let’s not let Spring take us by surprise. It’s time to get ready. That means freshening things up. Does the front door need painting? Pots need planting? Does the arborist need to come tend to your trees? Now is the time to get it on the calendar, so when that first, gorgeous, blooming day arrives….you are sitting outside, sipping a cool iced tea, relaxing and enjoying it.

And, first impressions make a difference if you’re planning on selling your house this Spring. Especially, the front door!2369501_front_081 2369501_front_812 2369501_front_444 2060901_curba0069

Since today is Leap Day, think of it as an extra day….to get a leap on all those Spring projects! And, yes…I think it’s safe to put the snow blower away!


Hello, Sunshine

Yesterday, I took a bike ride with my son. 

I made him stop when we got to this saturated stretch of daffodils. It’s amazing what a little pop of yellow can do to an otherwise bleak landscape. It brings it to life. Makes you stop and smile and take it all in.

And,  it got me thinking about how a little pop of yellow can brighten our interiors as well. Sometimes in unexpected places. Which, of course, is what makes you stop and smile and take it all in.

Here’s to finding a little sunshine in unexpected places…and I hope it makes you stop, smile and take it all in!