Baskets and Bunnies

I’ve had bunnies on the brain. Easter (and Passover) fall early this year, so there’s just a couple of weeks to gather your baskets and decor. Nature is always a wonderful place to start when it comes to finding inspiration for tabletop.

Using your own dishes, baskets and bunnies…add some fresh greens and pastel dyed eggs and you will have a centerpiece that can last all Spring.

Hope your weekend is hopping along!

images: Terrain

Garden Variety

Even though the ground is still laden with snow, it’s time to begin thinking about warmer days and time in the garden. In fact, I fantasize about it daily! To tide us over, I gathered some beautiful garden images. Let’s take a stroll.

These are anything but garden variety….they’re the things of which my dreams are made!

Here’s to Spring!

images: Oliver Nurseries

Spring Means Cherry Blossoms

Springtime is practically synonymous with the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. 
The festival runs March 20-April 13, 2014, but due to this year’s difficult winter, the blooms are more likely to bloom in April than they are in March.
Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I’ve experienced my share of travel woes. But, every once in a while, I get lucky. Such was the case, two years ago, when our family planned a visit to D.C. for the Centennial celebration of the cherry blossoms. We hit the peak!
These are my own photos from that glorious few days. We paddled boated in the tidal basin to get a true panoramic view, but seeing them up close, in mass, was magical.

If you want to know when the cherry blossoms will hit full bloom, you can check Bloom Watch! The current prediction is April 8-12th.

Here’s to everything blooming soon!!!