Letters of Luxury – Nancy Sharon Collins


That’s what I thought when I saw the engraving work of Nancy Sharon Collins. Her work, which has appeared in Veranda, Town and Country, Martha Stewart Weddings and Departures magazine,  is not new….she has been designing custom monograms and ciphers since the 1970s. But, in an era where communication is usually limited to 140 characters and hitting “send”, it seems that I am drawn more than ever to the art and craft of hand engraving.

Nancy specializes in hand engraving on onion skin…a whisper-thin stock that was favored by Ernest Hemingway and jacqueline Kennedy Onasssis…at one time delicate and precious.

Nancy welcomes custom work, so if you are looking for something truly special, reach out to her and have her create an heirloom work of art.3000Ledonne_Violett-1500x1250 Blue_OS_NSCII-1500x1250 Figure5-Lagnaippe-Fall2015Artcmyk-III Lane-Ewing-card-photo-1125x1500 Leslie-Rylee-green-photo-1500x987 nsc-9-998x1500 Pink_NSC72a Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.49.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.50.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.51.57 PM sMs-ciphershalf-inch-steel-die-1500x1120 Wei_Monogram-e1410547727136Hello-Darling-new-product-shot-web-retouched-1500x1091Receiving a thoughtful letter on gorgeous stationery is a luxury today….let’s be part of the movement to fill up those mailboxes! The ones attached to our houses, not our computers!


Pretty Paper

Haute_Papier_SS-G5_2_4x4Pretty paper makes a difference! It really does. I swear it makes writing that note…be it thank you, sympathy, congratulatory….whatever you need to address (no pun intended!) more fun if you actually have pretty paper on hand.

I’m a long time fan of Haute Papier, but these new Grand Silk Stationery boxes are new to me. I love how you can have 4 different styles of personalization, which allows you to have some stationery for almost any reason and occasion. Check out all the darling options or dream up one of your own!Haute_Papier_SS-G5_1_4x4DSC_5669 DSC_5670_4x4 Haute_Papier_SS-G2_1_4x4 Haute_Papier_SS-G2_2_4x4 Haute_Papier_SS-G8_1_4x4 Haute_Papier_SS-G8_3 Haute_Papier_SS-G14_1_4x4 Haute_Papier_SS-G14_3 Haute_Papier_SS-G15_1_4x4 Haute_Papier_SS-G15_2_4x4Pretty paper also makes a great gift for the bride or the grad. Selfishly though…I think I have to have this little collection for myself.

Time to dash off some notes!


National Letter Writing Month

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If you’ve been thinking you should write more handwritten notes….now is the time! As today kicks off National Letter Writing Month, some people are taking the challenge to write 30 notes in 30 days. That might be just the kind of challenge you need. What a great incentive to send a short note, postcard or letter to people that matter to you.

Surprise someone you see every day with a sweet note. Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Thank a teacher or someone who has helped you in your job search. Write a fun note of thanks inside a bill to a favorite vendor. There are a million ways to reach out.

Here are simple things I do that make it easy to get that note from intention to mailbox.

  1. Keep a stash of fun cards and personalized stationery in a handy spot.
  2. Always have stamps on hand…just order them if you don’t have time to get to the post office.
  3. Address the envelope before a big night out…that way, all you have to do is write the note and slip it inside.
  4. Treat yourself to a self inking address stamp and colorful pens.

3b95a580067064306d293fe4c7f5561eaeda0ff214a4d5767bbfd05864ad1792 da19e7e178f2c50af27ce83723da19b1At the end of the day, don’t over think it! Two lines of humor, written in your handwriting, on your personalized stationery will mean more to someone than an email or text. Just do it!