How the President Rolls

Happy President’s Day!! Are you one of the lucky ones who has the day off? I hope so!
I was wondering what was happening around the White House this week…and it turns out that this Thursday, February 21st is the opening of the lottery for the 2013 Easter Egg Roll. Anyone in the country can register for the online lottery here…and it’s free. 
I love these photos from the Easter Egg Roll in the 1920s.
Regardless if you make it to D.C., you can purchase one of the wooden keepsake Easter eggs. They will be available this Thursday at 10am. What a fun item to add to an Easter basket for someone you love. It’ll last longer than the chocolate ones!

 How’s your week rolling along?

Cheers for the Cherry Blossoms

Surrounded by a cloud of pink, we savored the expanse of cherry blossoms, in full bloom in Washington, DC. 

And, marveled at the impressive architecture that makes up our capitol.

I know our founding fathers would have been proud at how beautiful the city looks today. Don’t you agree?

images: all ppt

Tuesday Tulips – Washington, DC

All I had thought about seeing in Washington, D.C. were the cherry blossoms. And, we did (which I’ll share later this week). But, what I didn’t expect to see were all the tulips! Everywhere we went!!!

Red at the White House.

 Purple and white along Independence Ave.

 Pink and yellow/orange outside the botanical gardens.

 White outside the Library of Congress.

Red and white outside the Capitol.

Every color seemed to be represented! Do you think it’s a bipartisan landscape team?!