Meet Elizabeth

“Bloom where you are planted.”

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. Welcome to Pretty Pink Tulips, which began as a lifestyle blog in 2010 and has evolved into a lifestyle brand. I took a short hiatus to focus on raising my two children and am excited to be back “in my garden” sharing my take on living, giving and entertaining. And, of course…tulips!

My creative outlet has been and continues to be creating special moments for my friends and family, searching for that “perfect” gift and seeking out new people, places and experiences. I have always loved connecting with people. And connecting those people with others I know. Authors, artists, shopkeepers, designers and other creatives. I also love hosting events…both large and small. Birthday parties, book launches, fundraisers, garden soirees and “just because” celebrations. I enjoy bringing a creative vision to life and executing with precision. My background in marketing was grounded in organization and communication, which helped prepare me to design bespoke events and create engaging content.

My garden, especially my pink tulips, are my signature (you can see them in the May 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens), but I find inspiration everywhere. I love elevating the everyday and celebrating whenever I can.

Welcome to my garden, I’m so happy you are here…let’s continue to bloom together!

Elizabeth’s Home Garden in New York


I am Dallas, born and bred. I thought I would live in Texas my entire life, but 6 months after I got married, my husband and I moved to San Francisco, for his work. We bought our first home, a 1905 brownstone and I was charmed and elated for this new adventure. We even had a rooftop view of the Golden Gate bridge! The paint had barely dried when we learned we were moving to NYC, where we transitioned into a high rise apartment on the Upper West Side. I adored the walks to work through Central Park and exploring the Big Apple. However, within two years, we were packing boxes and mailing out a new change of address. This time, we bought a red brick house on a tree lined street in Charlotte, NC, the same week my first child was born, and I thought “this” is where we will be forever. We were still in the playdough and fingerpaint years when I once again found myself on the move.  This time it was to a small town in Westchester County, NY that I had never heard of, with two young sons under the age of 5.  What a ride!

I learned a lot in those years of moving around and buying and selling homes, but two things stand out. First, how curb appeal can truly improve your home’s value. So, it pays to invest in your landscaping and your home’s exterior. Second, you can’t always control where you end up or how long you will be there, but if you lean into it, you will make friends and incredible memories. When you move to a new town, don’t put off seeing and doing things that are special to that area. You might not be there as long as you think! So, my biggest take away was that you must “bloom where you are planted”.

The Tulips

Pretty Pink Tulips is the name I chose for the blog because that is what surrounds the exterior of my home each Spring. When I first began working on our landscaping, I thought it would be fun to plant tulips, pink ones, as a pretty final flourish, never knowing that they would play such a major role in both my landscaping and life. The pretty pink tulips have become my outdoor “signature” and I see them as a metaphor for each person finding their “signature” voice in fashion, style, décor and life. May you find and express whatever is your “pretty pink tulips”.