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Summer Entertaining – A Progressive Dinner

IMG_9294This past weekend, we hosted a neighborhood progressive dinner, along with two of our darling neighbors. These have always been one of my favorite types of parties, as it involves a group that you probably see a lot, but may not have time to visit with. And, as a bonus, no one is driving.

If you haven’t been to a progressive dinner, it is one that starts at one home and progresses to others. In our case, there were 3 homes, which allowed us to divide the evening into: appetizers and cocktails, dinner and dessert. As opposed to having to prepare all of the above, each of us focused on one area, which I found incredibly helpful.

To keep the evening unified, we selected a color theme (pink and green) and had the florist create arrangements for all of us. We also created “A Walk in the Woods” cocktail napkins to be used at all the houses, as a nod to our neighborhood name.

After that, each home focused on what they did best. House #1 did an amazing job with bite-sized appetizers that were as beautiful and clever as they were delicious. House #2 (ours) focused on simple dishes served buffet style.House #3 focused on deconstructed desserts which they have become famous for!IMG_9289IMG_9298IMG_9299IMG_9287IMG_9276IMG_9282IMG_9280IMG_9292 IMG_9302If the idea of entertaining on your own puts you into a full blown panic, consider inviting some friends to do a progressive party with you. Part of the work….all of the fun!

It’s officially summer….so entertain the idea of having the neighbors over!