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Bernard Maisner Home Collection

bernard-butterfly-duvet-298Bernard Maisner, the internationally renowned calligrapher and stationer, has an instantly recognizable style that is unparalleled. Bernard’s style, which is a combination of Spencerian and Copperplate writing, creates a luxurious tapestry of flourishes and letterforms. With the addition, in recent years, of his handpainted elements, such as butterflies, elephants and peacocks, Bernard has further woven a delicate artform of images into his work.

So, from paper to pillows….Bernard has just launched Bernard Maisner Home Collection with Gracious Home in New York City. The calligraphic and artistic imagery of Bernard’s stationery line is being “taken off the page” and has been artistically translated into fine embroidery.

The line is such that it can stand alone or be combined with your favorite linens, allowing you to create a custom work of art for your bed! GiftBoxFldrWp.pdf

img_5026-copy bernard-elephant-duvet-267flourish-duvet-323img_5036-copybernard-peacock-duvet-221-croppedAs Bernard explains, “Thread becomes my ink, and linen my paper.” Now, there is a way to literally be wrapped in the artistry of a master.

 Sweet dreams!