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Dressing up the Dorm Room

Vanessa-2Graduations are behind us and now it’s time to think ahead to college orientations, booking your hotel for Parents’ Weekend (which I was in charge of back in the day at SMU!) and decorating their dorm room. I can’t help with the first two, but I’ve got 2 great resources for dorm decor that will make them feel like it’s their home away from home!

As I have a bunch of friends whose children are headed to college, this post is dedicated to them!

First up, is LeighDeux, started by two enterprising Charlotte women (both names Leigh!). What initially caught my eye was their headboard pillows, which I think is the most brilliant idea…but they also have great options for affordable bedding, seating and storage.Cube-with-Cupaqua-study-buddyNext up is Dorm Decor, which has a very impressive headboard collection, that can fit dorm beds whether they are normal, slightly raised or a bunk. (Be sure to watch their video).

I’m also a fan of their storage containers, which would be perfect in any bedroom or playroom. They have darling monogrammable felt pillows that are very well priced…in fact, coming from the NorthEast, I think their prices are very reasonable for bedding, headboards, pillows and storage.

As the mother of boys, I also appreciate that they don’t forget the guys, but understand that comfort and simplicity are what most young men are looking for.
Dorm_Decor_11-13-15_-325_1024x1024 DormDecor-Collections-theManCaveScreen Shot 2016-07-05 at 7.38.31 PM DormDecor-TheBethCollection DormDecor-TheBlockprintCoralCollection DormDecor-TheMetallicCollection Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 7.38.56 PMOh, how I wish that these options existed when I was heading off to college!

Good luck to the Class of 2020! And, their parents!!